#16 do_swim() notification of end


Ok the do_swim skill gives you waterbreathing for a
short period of time (between 1 and 10 hours it looks
like). I think that's great. However, it does not show
up how long you have before the waterbreathing runs
out in attribute. I think that would be fine, except that
you also get no warning message when the
waterbreathing is about to run out. The first time you
get an idea of it, is when it drops and you die if you are
in water. Can we add a message for it to
spell_wear_off_soon_msg in constants.c?


  • Anthony Cagle

    Anthony Cagle - 2004-05-23

    Logged In: YES

    water breath with now show up in att with the duration when
    you use swim you should also recieve a warning message when
    it is about to run out.

  • Anthony Cagle

    Anthony Cagle - 2004-05-23
    • assigned_to: nobody --> daerious
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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