Psionic Danger SEnse - Upgrade

  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2004-01-16

    An upgrade to danger sense would be to do two things:
    1) make the sense of danger come WITHOUT looking to the direction (with the proliferation of spy tools, that ability is far less important), so that you sense danger in the Exits description.
    2) make the psi hesitate before walking into a DT room, which might be difficult to implement, so maybe psis are just unable to walk into a DT while danger sense is active.  "Your danger sense overwhelms your desire to walk to the east, you can't force yourself to even think about walking that way."

    Let's face it, with every player having scry items to allow spying on the next room, this ability is much less important, and it's still incredibly expensive (50 mana for 5 hours) so it either needs an upgrade or to be acknowledged as a "useless, but we'll leave it" ability.  I hate for psis to have anything considered useless, since they only have 31 abilities to start with.

    What would be really interesting (and is probably another skill, not just an upgrade to Danger Sense) would be to allow psis to also sense teleport rooms, and to see where they lead.  Maybe adding these skillsets would allow psis to become more valuable to parties that are in dangerous areas.

    • per storbeck

      per storbeck - 2004-02-20

      I like idea 1)
      Adding teleport rooms seems useful too.
      Not too sure about 2), seems sorta wimpy to me.


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