Greg Hovey
  • Greg Hovey

    Greg Hovey - 2004-06-19

    How is eq scrapping now.  It has been lowered has it not for FS?  how about blunt damange and such?
    I havn't morted in a while.. Here is what my brother said about the situation.  (I'm trying to talk him into using sourceforge more.. but he's a bit old fashion)

    Heximals opinion:::::::::::
    Havok should get with the times and lower the percent to scrap code. So any type of melee won't crush equipment into scrapping, my zone is not gonna be used if my mobs are scrapping everything. 

    • Anthony Cagle

      Anthony Cagle - 2004-09-14

      Scrapping has been lowered for chillshield. fireshield, and blade barrier.  Thank heximal for his opinion and advice, but we will be keeping true to the realms...items will scrap if they are damage beyond repair by whatever means.  If anyone wants to write a new scrap code that bases the chance for scrappage on the material the armor is made of, the damage type, and a saving throw for the item based on its power level...let me know


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