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Psi Mental Damage

  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2004-01-14

    To make it a little different, it would be nice if psi damage from the mental abilities wasn't affected by sanctuary.  blast, crush, etc.  After all, these abilities have their own defenses.

    • per storbeck

      per storbeck - 2004-02-20

      They have one defense, which is only available to other psi. Maybe 25% reduction instead of 50%? Dunno.

    • rick peplinski

      rick peplinski - 2004-02-21

      Gordon and I talked about this, we thought making psychic crush (which is inferior to blast in pretty much any way) go through sanc would be a nice usage for crush.  I'm not actually convinced that in powermudding terms it would still even be better than blast (1 blasts per round, 1 crush every 2 rounds, with chances of stunning, and hitroll, etc etc), but it would at least make it stand out.

    • per storbeck

      per storbeck - 2004-02-21

      Mmm, well, I dont think you can blast mobs that are >50, whereas you can still crush them. Or disintegrate. So they do have some use, not much, admittedly.

    • rick peplinski

      rick peplinski - 2004-02-28

      Actually, you can blast level 51+ them all you want, it just does no damage, costs no mana, starts you fighting them, and WAIT_STATE you a round.  Technically it doesn't do no damage, it does however much damage is the default value for an int:

      For an IS_IMMORTAL IS_NPC victim, the code is basically:
      int dam;
      damage(ch, victim, dam, SKILL_PSIONIC_BLAST)

      Which could be practically anything, whatever is leftover in memory.


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