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System Shock Roll

  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2004-02-04

    How about using the system shock roll for reincarnations and resurrections?  It might slow people down if they start to get to the point where they have a 1 in 5 chance of the character becoming dead-dead.  It won't slow the s/c people down at all, and probably not the hard core people who consider having to remake a character to be a nuisance rather than a obstacle.  But maybe it'll slow down the average tri-class.  We all know the reasons of people who say "reincarnation is a must", but since that is a major un-popular overhaul to fix, maybe we can just up the cost of reincarnating.

    • per storbeck

      per storbeck - 2004-02-20

      1 in 5 seems harsh?

      Unless, ofcourse, you add the retroactive con bonus. and make con untrainable at Myron.

      On that note - Myron should be purged anyway. He was a fine experiment, but a failed one in my view. Totally screwed up the value of most +stat items.


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