Dwarven Kingdom - Lennya

  • Slayer93

    Slayer93 - 2004-06-23

    Was this finished in time for the April Dist?

    And are you currently working on anything else?

    I'm sure I came across a piece of code that
    took a file and automatically checked everything
    inside to see it measured against a criteria
    list... maybe it's a doc in the Dibrova dist.


    And could someone explain to me exactly why
    the mobile/objects/rooms/zones dirs exist when
    you have tinyworld.mob.new

    I'm sure it's for a feature but I'm not entirely
    convinced it's a good idea?:)

    I'll probably come across it in some of the docs
    but if anyone can be bothered, fire away please

    • Gavin Hurlbut

      Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-06-30

      The mobile/object/room/zone dirs thing is a throwback to dikumud, and that code hasn't been removed yet.  I am in the process of converting HavokMUD to using SQL for all data storage, so this will soon be a thing of the past.

      As for the zone, I do not know what was included with the April distribution.  I believe that it was a set of "stock" zones that we can distribute without disturbing the authors.  Most of the new Havok-created zones will not be in the distributions as the authors do not wish them to be.

    • Slayer93

      Slayer93 - 2004-07-15


      okay, thanks for that :)

    • Slayer93

      Slayer93 - 2004-07-15

      sorry but further to add...

      is there any plans to tidy up the zones
      that are distributed?

      I going to embark on coding but I'm not sure
      when I'll get around to learning the internals
      of building... :/

    • Anthony Cagle

      Anthony Cagle - 2004-09-13

      There is currently no plans to do any work at all to the library that is provided, nor is there planned to be any updates, or additions to it.  I can say for sure that no zones will be added to the distribution and that no modifications to zones, other than typos or bug fixes will ever be released.  The distribution library is meant to be a starting point, not a mud.  After the sql conversion, it is likely that the distribution library will consist of one room and nothing more, though it is possible that someday we will release the same stock zones in an sql version in the future.  The final thought....if you hope that in time you will be able to use the distribution as a complete running mud, its not going to happen.  Our code is freely available to anyone to be used however you wish, our world is not.


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