randoms in zones

  • Gandalf  Parker

    Gandalf Parker - 2004-06-08

    This is an idea from SD which never got implemented. Its more in the territory of the Linux SysAdmin than the mud coder...

    If I create a zone and save it then a temporary zone file is created. The mud loads from the compiled library, and then reads in zone/room/mob/item files for any changes since the compile. If I saved that zone file, and then made changes, and resaved the zone.. then I would have 2 slightly different versions of the zone file. Do it again and I have 3 versions.

    If an outside script randomly swapped the zone files in and out of the lib/zone directory then you will have a zone which changes between loads. The initial idea was to have an outside script completely rewrite the zone for astral so it was unmappable.
    Also zones with variable setups on outposts and guards.
    Another was a lycanth zone rewritten for daytime vs nighttime.
    Rooms with locks, riddles, puzzles which can change.
    Also equip items that might change on you.
    Mobs that might fight better on some days than others.

    • Gavin Hurlbut

      Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-06-30

      Speaking as a coder, this would be nightmarish to implement.  Our codebase is already messy enough, I'd think. :)

      It is an intriguing idea though.  As time goes on, we may consider implementing something along these lines.  It will have to wait until after our SQL migration is completed though.

    • Anthony Cagle

      Anthony Cagle - 2004-09-14

      i have discovered a very simple way of doing this, though it isnt flawless, if anyone is interested in helping develope this, get with me


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