Good Equipment on Good Mobs

  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2003-11-17

    Here's the Good aligned character's conundrum:

    The Grand Knight of Paladins has some great good aligned equipment on him.  But he is good aligned.

    Maybe not an issue for you if you are a powermudder who's only concern for alignment is to not get zapped by your aligned equipment.  But if you are even remotely interested in playing a character (like a paladin) who is not supposed to kill good aligned mobs for equipment, what do you do?  Wait for an evil aligned pc to kill him and give you the equipment?  That doesn't seem quite right does it?

    How about we implement quests or other ways to get equipment of this nature?  Quests would be pretty easy to implement, or a system where if you are a certain level, you can ask for it like a donations or tithes for good aligned adventurers.

    Also could use that to get *into* the areas that are guarded.  Dwarven guards have to be killed to get the key to get into the dwarven city.  If a character is good aligned (like the dwarves) and a high enough level (so newbies don't wander where they shouldn't) why can't they walk in?  It's a shame that a good aligned character has to kill good aligned dwarven guards to get the key to buy a golden dwarven ring from the Hide & Tooth shopkeeper.

    • per storbeck

      per storbeck - 2003-11-21

      There was recently some uest type of thingie ported for mobiles. You can set a series of parameters in the mobfile, and it creates a sort of give-and-receive quest. Easy to use. Yet I really don't feel like reviewing some 4000 mobiles for questage. I'm currently doing a revamp of the Dwarven Kingdom, and I have already taken that part out. But I won't be able to do them all. If someone wants to revamp a certain zone (fix the typos, review the xp tables, the +hit stuff etc so it agrees with the current damage tables) that would be great, and they could put in some quests too. But it needs builders, not coders. And I don't like coding new features that need non-existant builders for them to be used.

    • rick peplinski

      rick peplinski - 2003-12-01

      Also, how about when we are not talking about equipment really, but keys?  For instance, the Heour (an evil place) is closed at a gate protected by some good elvish guards.  Do you have to kill the good guards to get the key to be allowed in to the Heour to kill evil?  Why could we not code in a request command, where a good aligned pc could ask a good aligned mob for a key (only). 

      So maybe the parameters are this:
      good aligned mob who has key item
      good aligned char (totally good 1000 align)
      char level equal or greater than mob level
      request key, check charisma, modified by level difference:
      if succeed, pass along key
      if fail by little, ignore character
      if fail by alot, attack character

      allow requests only 1 per day

    • Gandalf  Parker

      Gandalf Parker - 2004-06-08

      Its always been a problem that good eq is on good mobs and evil eq on evil mobs.

      A quick-fix is to create more situations where  items are being "guarded". Such as good items being guarded by evil mobs (and vice versa) to keep them out of the hands of the other side.

      In the case of the key problem, good guards might be guarding a display-case where the key is. They could stop evil, but not stop good from getting the key.

    • Greg Hovey

      Greg Hovey - 2004-06-19

      yes, this has been a problem.  Beside those ideas, I'm not sure what else you could do. 

      Its kind of hard to put a good aligned fluffy bunny ears on slavalous or something.. Naturally people would put evil looking eq on evil aligned mobs and vice versa..

    • Slayer93

      Slayer93 - 2004-06-23

      Yes, alignment is again one of those things that verges on annoying as well as neccessary in some environments. It's a bit like this starwars mud that had Jedi/Sith alignment, I noticed players would change alignment merely depending on what planet they wanted to spend the day at that particular login session. I pushed for a penalty system that at least curbed this type of behaviour.


      gp1628's insight regarding the protecting is not a bad overview and needs some accompanying variety and I'd say all up more or less an answer. My suggestion, although just minutes old is perhaps to take the idea about asking for an item but making it rather lucky to succeed. i.e. Even though you are good, it does not mean you do not run into situations where good HAS to verse good. A difference of opinion, i.e. I'd like to get into the city, be a good man, lend me the key. Reponse, I can tell you're a honourable fellow but I'm afraid none other than the king of Dwarves shall be presented with this key while I'm still breathing etc etc... A situation where combat is required since you cannot continue with your quest and the other can't stand aside.

      Of course, there will be a slight chance but only very slight for those hard sloggers determined to get the key out of just being GOOD through and through... just don't count on getting it before your patience actually does wear out...

      Also, perhaps mobs falling into this catagory upon termination only cost the offender half the normal alignment penalties... mobs falling into this catagory but also providing something else worthwhile wouldn't however...

      sorry about any grammar mistakes, I'm sleepy and typing this on the fly



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