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  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2004-06-13

    This is just a listing of the special abilities and "specializations" of the different races.  Refinement might be necessary and specific level limits for all class combinations considered, especially for which spells are gained at which time.  Basically this is what I see that each race can have that would be unique about it.  Before you all scream, this is abolishing the 50/50/50 triclass.  If you wish to be a tri-class you have to focus on what class is most important to you, not just in terms of Main Class, which has very little impact overall.

    Once you maximize a class (in the case of non-50/50 combinations) your experience is no longer divided as you adventure and neither is your hp and mana.  If you can go to 50/30 Wa/Cl, on your 31st warrior level, you get a full share of your hp gains and (if you had mana) mana gains.  And once you have maxxed your cleric level experience wise, all your earned experience goes to your remaining classes.  This might go a long way to making the idea of getting some mage abilities, or some cleric spells without going to 50 in that class more attractive.

    These are just ideas, and if people have thoughts about it, please post.

        Autosneak / Hide
        50 Th
        50/50 Wa/Ma
    Forest Gnome:
        50/50 Dr/Ra
        50 Wa
    Rock Gnome:
        50/50 Cl/Ma
        post backstab "twist" or "saw" - Basically if stabbing a larger creature, the dagger stays planted and the goblin hangs on, twisting the knife in the wound.  No attacks, but better damage than straight combat, every round the opponent get a chance to throw the goblin off and the goblin has steadily decreasing backstab rolls to continue to twist.  Like 1/2 chance on first round, 1/4 chance on second, 1/8 on third, etc.
        Decreased sneak, steal, hide chance
        50 Th
        No evil agg if opponent is less than level 51.
        Good blend of warrior multis, but no 50/50s.  Wa 50 (only main class), Th 40, Cl 36
        50/50 Wa/Th
        Dive Bomb -> Blunt Weapon outdoors "backstab" instead of regular backstab
        50/50 Th/Ma
        45 Ba, 45 Wa, 30 Cl (no main class cleric), 45/30 Wa/Cl
        No weapons allowed, bare claws for slash damage, "clench fists" for blunt damage, follow a slower scale similar to monks
        50 Ba
        S/C Only 50 in anything.
        50 Ps, 50 Mo, 50 Pa, 50 Ne
    Moon Elf:
        50/45/40 Cl/Wa/Ma

        Means missing out on portal, incendiary, mount, anti-magic shell, disintegrate, and a -10% penalty to bash 50th level opponents
    Gold Elf:
        45/40/50 Cl/Wa/Ma

        Means missing out on energy restore, protection from energy drain, and a -20% penalty to bash 50th level opponents
    Sea Elf:
        40/50/45 Cl/Wa/Ma
        Means missing out on disintegrate, anti-magic shell, mount, blade barrier, call lightning, protection from energy drain, energy restore
        Necromancer focus
        45/50 Wa/Ne
        50/40 Ne/Th
        45/50/40 Wa/Ne/Th

    Wild Elf:
        50/50 Dr/Wa
        50/50 Cl/Wa
    Dark Dwarf:
        50/50 Cl/Th


    • Greg Hovey

      Greg Hovey - 2004-06-19

      Hey all, here are a few ideas my brother had about blance and races.  He is kind of right, these races need tweaked in order to be played more. 

      Ideas complements of Heximal

      1.  Orcish race

      Currently war...th...clr...barb....clr/war.
      I think the cleric should be able to max to 50, also mage class should be added along with a dual class of warrior\mage, and warrior/mage/thief, but not warrior/mage/cleric.  Thief max's at 45, which is ok.  Mage class should max at lvl 45 as well for orcish.  I know all of this isn't textbook, but its worth a shot to introduce more roleplaying in the realm other then pick human, max 50's, then reinc to giant.  I think a necromancer/cleric would be a nice combo for orcish.

      2.  Goblin race

      Currently war...th...clr....barb....war/thf.
      I think nobody has even noticed this race, there is a level limit of 20 for goblin mage, but there is no
      mage class for them, i tihnk it should be fixed with a limit of 40, as well, i think their tri ability should be warrior/thief/cleric, along with cleric/warrior, and cleric limit raised from 30 to 40.

      3.  Trollish race
      currently wa...th...clr....ba....cl/wa.
      A underrated race, powerful as a giant, and should be able to bash large creatures.
      The trollish race should Not have a thief class period. 12 foot trollish sneaking up for a backstab?
      I think the cleric limit should stay at 35 if trolls are changed to huge, if not, it should be raised to 45.

      4.  Dark Dwarf
      currently everything except barb, paly, and psi.
      This race has necro/warrior, but no single class necro class. that should be changed.
      level limits seem appropriate at this time.

      This is all for now, i didn't have much to go on this bookwise, just hope i'm not out of line.

    • Gavin Hurlbut

      Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-06-30

      If there are problems (like the goblin cleric issue), please post a bug report, not just a forums post.  I rarely, if ever check the forums, but I check the bug postings nearly daily...  If something's borked, post it.  Thanks.

      As for future race combos, etc...  I have no opinion :)

    • Anthony Cagle

      Anthony Cagle - 2004-09-14

      I am currently concidering the affect of following the AD&D second edition rules for class combinations allowed.  I am concidering this along with the posted ideas for special abilities which i feel are very important to race uniqueness.


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