Smith Shield Attributes

  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2004-11-22

    After beating my head against the stone wall that is the Smith Shield quest for a year, I finally got all the pieces I needed (thanks to Logan).

    However the shield itself turns out to be not really powerful enough even if the quest was 1/2 as difficult.  It's actual 'special' effect is interesting, not earth shattering and certainly not enough for people to want to finish the quest, but a "nice to have".

    The actual stats on the shield are just not nearly powerful enough for the quest (especially at 25k rent).  Without giving the current stats away, my recommendation is to make the shield "created" based on the main class of the character and make it something useful enough to free up another slot.  Of course if you are a tri-class these bonuses might not be as useful as if you are a single-class, but trust me, these are all better than the current stats of the shield.

    My current thoughts are:
    Wa, Ra, Pa:
    +2 HnD
    res: Pierce
    res: Fire

    +3 HnD
    +20 hr
    res: Slash

    Mage / Necro:
    +50 Mana
    res: Blunt

    +10 Mana
    res: Pierce
    res: Acid

    +15 mr
    res: Pierce
    res: Energy

    res: Pierce
    res: Slash

    +2 HnD
    +4 Str
    sa: TS

    +2 HnD
    res: Blunt

    Basically the classes that have a hard time getting resist to blunt (thief, mage, etc) get it, the classes that have a hard time getting resist to pierce get it, etc, etc.

    Anyway, this is all open to discussion, as usual.  I'm tempted to give monks res: slash as opposed to the +4 strength, and I'm tempted to go down to +1hnd and add sa: ts for thief.

    • rick peplinski

      rick peplinski - 2005-02-21

      Oh and just so you know, the actual flags on the shield are:

      So it basically is a caster piece of equipment.  Despite the fact that the special ability of the shield is geared towards fighters who spend a lot of time in combat, this really ends up being a tri-class piece of equipment.

      I'd really like the chance to make this piece of equipment more worth the effort.  The quest itself is insanely hard, both in knowledge and where you need to go to gather the pieces.  I don't mind the insanely hard part, but at the very least the results from the quest should be available to all classes.

    • Alec

      Alec - 2005-08-05

      I will work on this, I'll see what I can do once Gordon let's me into the code. I have a couple ideas :)


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