Thieving abilities

  • rick peplinski

    rick peplinski - 2004-06-09

    Ok, I'm opening up a discussion about thieving abilities.

    backstab - I'd like to implement something similar to the changes we see on do_bash() patch.  However, I'd like it to be the best backstab size is one smaller than the target size.  I'll put that on the backburner and see what I come up with.

    steal - I'd like s/c thieves to be incredible at this, main class thieves to be pretty good, and multi to be the worst.  When I say incredible, I'm saying that if you want a key and it's on a mob, send in a s/c thief and you don't have to worry about it.  The chances of getting caught are very slim, the ability to steal inventory items is very good.  I think if you really want to make thieves thieves then you have to take this step.

    sneak - This brings me up to my second big point.  I want thief sneak to be the bomb when it comes to walking around zones.  Meta agg, etc, forget it.  If a thief makes his sneak roll (which should be checked on every step he takes) then mobs ignore him.

    I'm still thinking about other things, but these are the major ones.

    • Gavin Hurlbut

      Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-06-30

      Ah, here's something I can comment on (I play thieves on most muds in some combo)...

      Backstab:  I think we'll have to see how that pans out, but redoing it isn't out of the question :)

      Steal:  I don't think you should EVER have a skill that a SC anything can do so well that they basically never fail.  This goes for stealing for thieves too.  Your chances of getting caught should depend on many factors including the "alertness" of the mob.  Of course, if he's paralyzed or sleeping, it should be hard for you to fail.   I agree that it needs to be used more, and to be more useful FOR the thieves :)

      Sneak:  I agree with you here.  There should, of course, still be a chance they will get noticed, but a thief's sneak should be hard to beat once learned well.

      As for new skills:

      mug:  I think we could have a skill where the thief threatens people for money.  Based on charisma, and a few other characteristic, the mob should either hand over some cash, everything it owns, or attack the thief...

      Oh, and for thieves to be really useful, there has to be legal consequences to stealing...  I.e. cityguards see you do it, you get arrested and jailed, not just killed.

      Just some thoughts.

    • Anthony Cagle

      Anthony Cagle - 2004-07-05

      excellent, why didnt anyone speak up when i asked for thief skills? *mutter, anyway i intend to start looking at thieves again in the near future, they are one of the four base classes that i will be concentrating on getting "rightified"

    • Gavin Hurlbut

      Gavin Hurlbut - 2004-07-09

      Hehe, I thought I had spoken up...  However, I guess I was busy at the time. :)


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