I posted this two weeks ago also to haskell-cafe, but the answers didn't help that much. So I try here again:

with the release update haskelldb-0.9 -> haskelldb-0.10 several things have changed. Unfortunately the API documentation does not give enough information in generall. Is there any additional uptodate documentation around?
In particular the fundamental function "connect" hast a new signature:
connect :: (forall m a . MonadIO m => [(String, String)] -> (Database -> m a) -> m a)
I don't know what pairs of strings this function needs. The API description is to unspecific:

The connect function takes some driver specific name, value pairs use to setup the database connection, and a database action to run.

What are the specific name value pairs needed (for a connection to a mysql db )?
I got the following hint:
Your best bet is to download the appropriate drivers - either haskelld-hdbc-mysql or haskelldb-hsql-mysql. If you get the haskelldb sources via darcs, you can also look in the test directory to see how the connections are established.

In my specific case, I am using PostgreSQL and by login  function looks like this:

-- ^ Returns a function which can log into the database and perform operations.
login :: MonadIO m => String -> Int -> String -> String -> String -> (Database -> m a) -> m a
login server port user password dbname = postgresqlConnect [("host", server),
  ("port", show port),
  ("user", user),
  ("password", password),
  ("dbname", dbname)]

I don't understand how to map this to my problem. What in fact do I have to install?
For MySQL there seem to be the following dependencies when I try to setup haskelldb-hsql-mysql-0.10 froma hackage:
- haskelldb-hsql-0.10
- hsql-1.7
- hsql-mysql-1.7
I haven't manage to install them with ghc-6.8.2 yet. Nevertheless I wouldn't know how to use this "cpnnect" function. Moreover, in contrast to the haddock type description I observe with ghci and :t connect the following type:
connect :: (MonadIO m) =>
           -> [(String, String)]
           -> (Database.HaskellDB.Database.Database -> m a)
           -> m a
I don't what to take for "DriverInterface"? The API docu says:
"Default dummy driver, real drivers should overload this"
How should this be done concretely for MySQL?

Some more detailed docu would be helpful.