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lambdabot 1.0 "Candy Shop" release

lambdabot 1.0, now with 20% more FiniteMap goodness!
Recent plugins include the Karma and Eval plugins.
New features are added every day, check the CVS tree for the latest and greatest lambdabot.

Posted by Shae Erisson 2003-04-03

lambdabot factoid plugin using PostgreSQL

Shae Erisson, aka shapr on #haskell, submitted a FactoidPlugin for lambdabot. The plugin is a good demonstration of lambdabot plugins and the Haskell to PostgreSQL binding from the http://sf.net/projects/HToolkit project.

Posted by Shae Erisson 2003-03-26

Five New Cryptography Libraries in CVS; RC4, crc32 and more.

Doug Hoyte aka Fractal on #haskell, has submitted five new modules, Blowfish.hs, ISAAC.hs, RC4.hs, TEA.hs and crc32.hs

Posted by Shae Erisson 2003-03-26

Haskell Web Server With Plugins added to CVS

Simon Marlowe's Haskell Web Server and Andre Pange's RunTime loader have been combined by Martin Sjgren to make HWS-WP, the Haskell Web Server With Plugins. HWS-WP 0.0.1 includes three demonstration plugins, CgiPlugin (CGI), DirPlugin (index.html) , and UserDirPlugin (hostname/~user support)

Posted by Shae Erisson 2003-02-18

lambdabot added to cvs

In an unprecedented move, the author of lambdabot has release d the source to everyone's favorite Haskell IRC bot, and given us permission to add it to our CVS tree!
Want to write plugins for lambdabot's plugin system? Mail one of the project admins and ask to be added to the project!

Posted by Shae Erisson 2003-02-10