Harbour Development Tool for Eclipse / News: Recent posts

First Public Prototype Available

Almost six months after the first thoughts about a Harbour IDE its done! We have the first public prototype available to give everyone a preview about what might come to the Harbour community in future.

Special thanks to Ron Pinkas for answering my questions patiently. I hope this release will make it into the Harbour community. Please don't hesitate to discuss it in xHarbour newsgroup or Harbour mailinglist. I think there is the best community support available.

Posted by Gunnar Wagenknecht 2003-01-07

SourceForge Project Approved

Just 10 minutes ago we got green light from SourceForge to start developing of an IDE for Harbour and xHarbour.

Well, we are in an early proposal-evaluation-proposal state. If you'd like to contribute to this project, please don't hesitate!

Posted by Gunnar Wagenknecht 2002-06-13