Ununderstood diagnostic

  • Don Rozenberg

    Don Rozenberg - 2005-01-10

    I am new to Happydoc and it looks great.  However, I am getting a bunch of diagnostics which are disconcerting.

    I am running under Knoppix Linus and am trying to understand a project with 25 python files.  When I run happydoc and give the directory name contianing those files, I get a bunch of messages which look like:

    Parsing: /home/rozen/root/SecurityLex/happydoc/webserver.py
    Parsing: /home/rozen/root/SecurityLex/happydoc/website.py
    Initializing documentation set HappyDoc Generated Documentation

    That seems ok, but then I see a message that looks like:

    NEED TO HANDLE extraParameters in DocSetBase

    I don't understand it, but assume that it is OK. Correct?

    Then I get a bunch of stuff like:

    Documenting: "/home/rozen/root/SecurityLex/happydoc/tccollection.py"
             to: "doc/happydoc/tccollection.html"
    Skiping unrecognized file /home/rozen/root/SecurityLex/happydoc/tccollection.py with mimetype application/x-function
    Skiping unrecognized file /home/rozen/root/SecurityLex/happydoc/tccollection.py with mimetype application/x-function

    There are a whole bunch of these "skiping" messages for each of the files being analyzed.

    Should I be concerned?  The files look fine in emacs  and execute properly.

    I have read the message concerning py2htm integration and I think I would like to see something like that.

    • Doug Hellmann

      Doug Hellmann - 2005-01-11

      Hi, Don,

      Those "skipping" messages mean that happydoc can't tell (or is guessing incorrectly) what type of files you're feeding it.  Version 3 uses mimetypes to detect Python and text files in the input directory.  In this case, it is identifying the files as "application/x-function" instead of "text/x-python".

      That check is done using the mimetype module, so it would be interesting to see what mimetypes you get if you run  mimetypes.guess_type(path) against each file individually.

      It would also be interesting to see a sample of one of the files that has the application/x-function mimetype, if you have a small one that you can post.



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