Index.html isn't correct html

  • Anders Eriksson

    Anders Eriksson - 2001-09-20


    I have just installed HappyDoc 1.5 using ActiveStates pyppm and everything seems to work. Just a minor error in the index.html page. I don't know if it's a bug of if I have done something stupid (.except working on Windows.)

    The lines:
    <p><i><a href="index.html">Table of Contents</a></i></p>

            <font size="-2"><i>This document was automatically generated
            on Thu Sep 20 12:50:29 2001 by
            <a href="">HappyDoc</a> version

    Is inserted just below the 'blue headers' and as you can see there are some parts missing.

    Is it a bug?

    // Anders

    • Doug Hellmann

      Doug Hellmann - 2001-09-21

      I haven't seen this problem before. I tried to reproduce it, but wasn't able to make it happen. If you can reliably reproduce it, please go ahead and post it as a bug in the bug tracker. Make sure you attach any input files that can be used to reproduce the problem.


    • Anders Eriksson

      Anders Eriksson - 2001-09-21

      Hello Doug!

      Thanks for the Answer and for the program! I have now played around with it some more and I think I now when it's not working. The error occurs when current dir was the dir for the application to be documented. I then ran HappDoc like this:

      >python ..\happydoc\ .\

      Maybe it's a bug and more probably it's user error ;-)

      // Anders

      • Doug Hellmann

        Doug Hellmann - 2001-09-22


        You should be able to run happydoc in this way with no trouble.

        Could you send me one of the files that produces this problem?  I'm not able to reproduce the situation with any of the input files I have here.  I wonder if there could be something special about your source input file that is confusing the parser or something, but to check that I would need to see the source.  If you send it to me via private email, I won't distribute it to anyone else.

        Also, what version of Python are you using?


        • Doug Hellmann

          Doug Hellmann - 2001-09-22

          Nevermind, I see you said you are using Python 1.5.  Please send a Python source file with which you can reproduce this problem.



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