Feedback + suggestions

  • Hi there Doug and others

    You want some feedback ? You're gonna have some :-)

    1) of course, the -d bug

    2) the "import" list in my scripts is sometimes quite long. I'd like to be able to filter out of the generated doc the "imports" that are not part of the selected files (maybe include a generated comment : not all imports are listed here, see code for a full list)

    3) private names option is quite handy when you choose not to document some parts. However, some old code I have the charge of didn't use _thisIsAPrivateFunc but rather called them "thisIsAPrivateFunc". An additionnal inline flag "a la" javadoc flags "@private" to force hiding an element would be nice.

    4) while insterting a comment on a function, the "strong" tag applied to a single word produced a fancy result on the whole line :

    def CreateTransPathNe(session,Name,NeA, TtpA, NeB, TtpB,BitRate, ManageByRM):
      """Creation et configuration d'un transpath avec **uniquement** des NE aux extrmits

    html generated :
    <h3>Creation et configuration d'un transpath avec un ENE  une des extrmits</h3>

    Is that normal ??

    5) while mainly documenting python code, I have directories with data used by python scripts that are not covered by happydoc (not a single .py in it). I'd like the possibility to force happydonc to take into account ANY "README.txt" file found, even if there's no python code inside the given directory

    Wow .. this is a first batch. Thanks for, at least, reading ;-)


    • Doug Hellmann
      Doug Hellmann

      #2 and #3 are good suggestions.  Please submit them to the Feature Request tracker as separate items.  While you're there, look for something like #5.  It has been on my list, but I might not have put it into the tracker.  If you don't find it, go ahead and submit that one, too.

      I believe the behavior in #4 is correct.  In StructuredText, a single line paragraph followed by another paragraph which is indented further it taken as a title.  In your case, the first line of the docstring is output using heading 3 tags, which would supercede any other formatting on the same line.  If you break up the first line so that it is a 2 line paragraph, you should get the effect you are trying to achieve.


    • #2 suggestion now feature request 591059. However, while parsing again in the list, it appears this is a duplicate of request 464600. Sorry.

      #3 suggestion is FR 591062

      Also, could'nt find something as my #5, so making it a new FR 591072

      Thanks for your explanation on remark #4.

      As always, I'm looking for a new release. At least a build with the #1 bug fixed.

      Thanks for your help Doug.

    • Doug Hellmann
      Doug Hellmann

      Good, having those new items in the feature request list will make it easier to keep track of them.

      Have you tried the HappyDoc_dos_path_bug_01.tar.gz release?  It's a pre-alpha release that I think fixes the -d problem, but I haven't gotten much feedback one way or the other.  I don't have easy access to a Windows system, so it is difficult for me to do much testing/development there.  Anyway, to get to the special release you have to visit the "Files" page of the HappyDoc project on SF.

      If that release does not fix the problem, let me know, and I'll keep working on it.


    • Doug. I'm using a server under HPUX 11 and I experience the -d bug just as described in the tracker. Only the "index.html" makes its way to the directory specified with the -d.
      This is clearly not only a Windows issue.

      The good news is that I've just tried the dos-bug release and it DOES fix this issue. Everything is output to the dir. specified. Great !