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Lynn Ranen
  • Lynn Ranen

    Lynn Ranen - 2003-01-14

    IAre there any good examples of how to use these?  So far, I haven't gotten any of them to work as expected.  Thanks -- lynn

    Example #1 -- Attempt to pass in an array of strings as Basenames.  None of these work: 

    Example #2 -- Attempt to turn on TRACE with -v option

    Example #3 -- Attempt to use my own formatter class.

    FORMATTER="-F MulticolorHTMLTable"

    Example #4 -- Attempt to over-ride formatter colors. 

    I'm trying to put these into a shell script and then call the 'happydoc'.   None will work.  help !!

    • Doug Hellmann

      Doug Hellmann - 2003-01-14

      #1 - This is probably a limitation of the fact that the list is not evaled.  The options are all treated as strings.  This problem is eliminated in 3.0, since all files are treated based on mimetype and text files will be converted automatically just because they are there.  In the mean time, you could edit your happydoc source to add to the default list.  Take a look at happydoclib/

      #2 - Tracing is enabled with an environment variable.  For example:

        % export HAPPYDOC_TRACE=1
        % happydoc ...

      #3 - If you have created your own formatter plugin, and dropped it into the right directory, using the -F option on the command line should work correctly.

      #4 - Maybe if you posted the shell script, I could look at it and help you better?


    • Lynn Ranen

      Lynn Ranen - 2003-01-14

      Thanks for your quick assist :)
      IThe main problem was with the -v and getopt treating everything that followed it, as a  non-option. 

      2 more things:
      1.  when will v3 be out?
      2.  i've found a few bugs in this version.  would it help to know what they are? or will V3 obsolete all these bugs? 

      Thansk again.

      • Doug Hellmann

        Doug Hellmann - 2003-01-15

        I don't have a schedule for 3.0 yet.  The code that is checked in is almost usable for creating HTML documentation, but it does not include all of the features of 2.x yet, and (since it is prototype code) may change drastically before the final release.

        Version 3 will probably make any existing bugs obsolete, but you should report them anyway so I make sure that is the case.  :-)



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