py2html integration

  • Chris Hagner

    Chris Hagner - 2001-03-31


    I've hacked happydoc (only about 5-10 lines really) to change the upper-right display of the source file name is now a link to a py2html output file.  This way, you can browse the happydocs/API and immediately jump to the source code (colorized).  I've found it a very convenient feature for developers ramping up on a codebase.

    Is this too specific a feature to integrate into happydoc?  Anyone interested in this?


    • Doug Hellmann

      Doug Hellmann - 2001-03-31

      This sounds like the sort of thing which could be implemented as option of the docset or formatter to turn the behavior on or off.

      Send in a patch and I'll look at it.


    • Don Rozenberg

      Don Rozenberg - 2005-01-10

      Sounds interesting.  How about posting your hack.
      Or maybe you could email it to me??



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