syntax coloring / saving project ?

  • pnico

    pnico - 2003-09-09

    Tried the new version with python 2.3... syntax highlighting doesn't seem to work (all black text) , whether I load a python file or create a new one.  looked for any options I could be missing, couldn't find any. 

    Also, I'm wondering what the purpose of the project is - you can add files to it but there's no way to save it so it will show its file structure again next time you load it.  as far as I can tell the only time it's saved is when it's created and never again.  am I missing something?

    Is there any chance of there ever being just even a single page readme file on how to use this?  it seems like it would be great if I could get those things to work.

    • Neal Josephson

      Neal Josephson - 2003-09-09

      Damn - something in the OS build broke the project saving - I'll try and get it fixed asap.

      Syntax coloring works, you just have to define the colors (perhaps some better defaults are in order).  Go to Tools -> options, select the "editor" page, Select "Python" in the top left drop down menu and then choose colors for each type of python stuff.

      I'll try and get these fixed and a new build posted tomorrow.

    • pnico

      pnico - 2003-09-09

      hmm, I did try changing the colors of everything to wacky colors but all that happens is the entire file is colored the color selected for "Python Text" (so I guess it knows it's python anyway since "Default" is still black).

    • Neal Josephson

      Neal Josephson - 2003-09-10

      I just uploaded a new build/source.  Syntax highlighting and project saving should be fixed now.  I'm going to work on a better readme this weekend.  Let me know if you find any other problems.

    • pnico

      pnico - 2003-09-10

      Great - works now.  I noticed another little thing - you can't 'Execute' (ctrl-F5) a file that has a space in its path (C:\Documents and Settings\... etc) . I tried submitting it to the buglist but it didn't seem to get added.  great work! --Peter

    • Hugh Gibson

      Hugh Gibson - 2004-02-19

      Project saving is still broken if you have files in sub-directories.


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