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Announcement: Hansel 1.0 released

Hansel 1.0 is the newest release of the hansel code coverage tool.
It is a seamless extension to JUnit helping to implement high quality tests.

The changes from release 0.99 are:
- Bugs Fixed: 729620, 729627, 744139, 747017, 753855.
- RFEs implemented: 722285.
- Some code cleanup.

With the 1.0 release I'm happy to welcome Harald Mueller and
Pavel Zabelin on the hansel development team!


Posted by Niklas Mehner 2003-06-15

Hansel 0.7

The new release includes a symbolic stack, that helps producing better failure messages.
A typical failure message might look like this:

Coverage failure in class "SomeClass" method "someMethod(Argument arg)" line 42: Branch not completly covered. Expression 'a < b' is never true.

I hope this helps finding the reasons code is not covered.

I'm currently planning to finish the ant task and to provide some coverage indicators for hansel 0.9.... read more

Posted by Niklas Mehner 2002-09-04

Small Status Report

After some maintance releases of Hansel 0.3x, I hope the most important bugs are fixed.

So I am starting to work on Hansel 0.5 again. Currently I'm trying to enable Hansel to be used on itself. But there are some type conversion problems (when using multiple classloaders) that make it very hard to achieve this. Probably it will not be possible to do coverage testing on all Hansel classes.

Decision coverage (in CVS) currently works for all loops. Switch-statements and exception handling are still to be implemented.... read more

Posted by Niklas Mehner 2002-08-02