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DOS version is uploaded

I finally got a cross-compiler for DJGPP working, so I can make DOS versions of this program from within Linux! Another example of the coolness that is Free software.

Posted by Michael Olson 2003-08-03

v0.7.0 released (multiple drawings to choose from, etc.)

The highlights for this release are
- multiple drawings to choose from (man, Tux the penguin, bill gate$, and a man from SCO, in honor of the recent lawsuit)
- a brand new options screen with sensible defaults

Since I'm currently _only_ using Linux, I still have to recompile gcc and binutils from scratch in order to build the dos versions of this program. In short: no dos version of the program has been posted yet.... read more

Posted by Michael Olson 2003-07-09

Update for school

I am finally getting around to this update after having on my hard drive since Aug 31.

Enjoy! I only added a few performance-related tweaks, nothing huge.

This is released mainly because of my Programming I class.

Posted by Michael Olson 2002-12-16

New release of HangIt

A cleaned-up version of HangIt has been released. The only change is that I cleaned
up the source code a little bit so that it can be compiled faster. No user-visible changes
that I could remember...

Posted by Michael Olson 2002-06-09

v0.5.1: you can play again!

v0.5.1 of the HangIt project has been released. As you can see, it is possible to play the game again without having to restart the program. This was the single most-requested feature yet!

Coming soon:
- 2-player option
- different characters to hang
- command-line support

Posted by Michael Olson 2002-01-11

v0.5.0 (devel) released, somewhat stable

Version 0.5.0 of HangIt has been released. See ChangeLog & Release Notes for details. About the only user-visible change is speed (should be a little quicker graphically), and the cursor (always appears in the top left corner). The latter is actually an inconvenience, which will be fixed soon....

The web page has been updated to reflect these changes, as usual.

Posted by Michael Olson 2001-12-10

Hangit v0.4.2 and updated web page

Hangit v0.4.2 is out, as you may have noticed. The main difference is in the compilation process, as I updated the 'Makefile'. There is no added functionality yet, but I will try to get a manpage, rpm build, and separate source & bin for v0.4.3.

The web page has been 'compacted' a little bit for readability. Some new links were added at the bottom.

Posted by Michael Olson 2001-11-29

The future of the HangIt project

My Programming 3 teacher is giving us a lot of work lately, so developement of HangIt is currently halted. I'll get back to y'all if and when more developement will be done.

Posted by Michael Olson 2001-11-16

Web page up, v0.4.1 released

The web page is finally up at <http://hangit.sourceforge.net> after a few technical difficulties. Check it out! Version 0.4.1 of HangIt has been released, this fixes all of the major bugs, so it is REALLY playable this time.

Posted by Michael Olson 2001-11-16


Version 0.3.2 of hangit is finally out! This is the first somewhat-playable version of hangman, as it now autodetects the number of lines & columns and adjusts itself accordingly. It also contains a startling number of bug fixes that actually allow one to play the game ;-).

Posted by Michael Olson 2001-10-09

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