Some Questions and Queries

  • Nitish

    Nitish - 2013-04-08


    i have few queries on HammerDB

    1. I am trying to connect to oracle 10G which is on Solaris.
      Oracle enterprise edition
      We are getting TNS-12514 error.

    Kindly share your thoughts.
    Connection is ok. TNSPING is also working fine.

    1. When I connect to MYSQL which is on localhost. Connection has made properly but creating TPC-C schema is taking long time. what can be the reason?
      also we are not able set Warehouse as we want. it directly gets shift his curson from 1 to 33. Can we set it as per our requirement?

    2. At the max hw much of user load we can give?

    Kindly share your thoughts.

    • Steve Shaw

      Steve Shaw - 2013-04-08


      TNS-12514 is the listener doesn't know of the service. This could be because of a TNS or network configuration issue. As you are getting this error it shows that HammerDB is reaching the listener however the listener is saying it doesn't know of the service. This could be for a number of issue such as port/firewall configuration etc.

      To move the number of warehouses to be created at a granularity of 1 simply click the mouse pointer next to the slider rather than holding and sliding it which is used for larger number ranges. If the build is taking a long time this could be for a number of reasons ranging from hardware to the scalability of the MySQL software and the number of virtual users you are using and the number of warehouses they are trying to insert values into. Typically the most common bottleneck for both build and test is transaction log latency.

      The maximum load depends on both the database hardware and whether you are running Oracle or MySQL. Generally Oracle scales in a single instance environment to a much better extent that MySQL does. In both environments however the key factors of the right combination of CPU, Memory and I/O determine performance. The best way to find the peak performance is to follow the testing guide and run repeated tests with an increasing number of virtual users until peak performance is reached and subsequently starts to decline. The Oracle database is very well instrumented and AWR reports are a good way to observe system performance. If for example the AWR report shows log file synch latencies much greater than 1ms then you would need to look at redo log latency and performance.




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