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Latest stable release and older releases and Git SCM snapshots.

Latest release

With the release of Hamlib 3.0 a new numbering scheme has been adopted. Essentially, 3.0 can be thought of as Hamlib 1.3.0 with just the leading "1." dropped from the version numbering scheme. Care has been taken to keep 3.0 binary compatible with the 1.2 releases. As a result, programs linked to any of the later 1.2.X releases should work with 3.0 without recompiling.

19 Sep 2015

Source tarball:

Self extracting Windows 32 DLL and Hamlib utilities binary release with installer :

Windows 32 DLL and Hamlib utilities binary release:

Release notes

Version 3.0 2015-09-20

  • Kill RPC backends and rpc.rigd/rpc.rotd
  • Remove -e|--end-marker option from rigctld and rotctld
  • Build system updates--remove obsolete macros, now runs autoreconf to invoke Autotools to bootstrap the build system, libltdl is installed into the source tree as a part of the build system bootstrap and is included in the source tarball, ABI version is set to be compatible with the 1.2 series, all Autotools installed files are copied rather than symlinked and put in the build-aux directory, building rigmem and rigmatrix are now user selectable at configure run time, building static libraries are disabled by default. Fixed TCL binding installation, fixed Perl binding build so it is not invoked by 'make dist' and clean up build files. Cleaned up bindings builds to occur in alphabetical order. Use new ax_pkg_swig macro and update ax_python_devel macro. Test for presence of pkg-config before testing for pkg-config use.
  • Implement new RIT/XIT activation/deactivation through rig_get/set_func()
  • IC-PCR1500/2500 default write_delay to 0, IC-746/756, IC-PCR8500 fixes, pcr.c, pcr1500.c: Add DSP support. TNX Paul, KE7ZZ
  • WinRadio G313 updates. TNX Julian Campbel
  • Readline editing and history support added to rigctl interactive mode. Implement options for reading and writing history file.
  • Readline editing and history support added to rotctl interactive mode. Implement options for reading and writing history file.
  • A new manual draft written in Texinfo added. Both GNU Info and single HTML files are built and distributed, requires makeinfo.
  • Android build system support. See android/ Android Makefile fragments are included in source tarballs.
  • Monolithic library, thanks to Remi Chateauneu for the majority of the work! This allows enabling of a single static library so static libs are enabled by default. Removes dependency on libltdl.
  • Fixes to easycomm, TNX Steve AI4QR.
  • Fixes to port handling allowing PTT and CAT on the same port. TNX Bill, G4WJS.
  • New Peaberry models V1 and V2 added to kit backend. TNX ON8VQ and R2AEE.
  • New IC-7100 model. TNX Martin, CT1IQI.
  • Use AC_CHECK_LIB macro to search for libusb rather than rely on pkg-config. Preserve environment variables LIBUSB_CFLAGS and LIBUSB_LIBS as user precious variables. Two features, --with-xml-support and --enable-usrp still rely on pkg-config so only invoke pkg-config when either or both of these features are selected. Only the Winradio g313 model uses libdl so test for it only when Winradio backend is enabled.
  • New IC-M700PRO, IC-M710, IC-M802.
  • New Icom ID-5100 model.
  • New rotor, cnctrk by KI4SBL
  • Many backend fixes and updates from many contributors (see Git log for complete details).

Older stable release

As this version is still found in many Linux distributions, its information is included.

02 November 2012

Source tarball:

Win32 DLL and Hamlib utilities binary release:

Release notes

Version 2012-11-01

  • Fix so that rigctld/rotcld work on Win32 platform
  • Add NSIS script to build executable installer on Win32 platform
  • Remove unsupported commands on IC-756 (non-Pro model) from AK6I
  • Fix set_split in netrigctl.c to properly accept the split value. TNX, N2ADR.
  • IC-R8500: Add RIG_LEVEL_AF to has_set_level. TNX John, EI7IG
  • ADAT updates from Frank, DG1SBG, needed for stable operation.

Prior releases

Any release of Hamlib may be downloaded through the Hamlib project files page.

Git snapshot

Reserved for the "brave", the snapshot can be unstable, but it usually works, i.e. it should compile but could contain logical errors and incomplete implementations of features (work in progress). The purpose for its daily release is testing. Please do not distribute or base a binary release from it. Also be sure to read the README.betatester file when trying the snapshot for the first time. Reports of success and errors sent to the Hamlib Developer mailing list will be greatly appreciated and encourage improved rig support. The snapshot is updated daily around 1130 hours UTC (1030z during CDT in USA) at which time the previous day's file is deleted and the new one is uploaded.

Git daily snapshot page

Embedded in the filename are the shorthand Git SHA1 of the latest commit and the date the snapshot was made (if it's more than a couple of days old, please notify us). Also on the page is a link to the Git revision log from Source Forge. Thanks to Kamal, KA6MAL, for the suggestions.

Also built and uploaded are daily snapshots built for Windws 32 bit installations both in a .ZIP archive and a .EXE self extracting installer. At this time 64 bit snapshots are not built due to Hamlib's use of the older libusb for which no Windows 63 bit port is available. When Hamlib is ported to the newer version of libusb, Windows 64 bit builds will become available.

The following links are representative of the various distributions that package and distribute Hamlib. It is certainly not an exhaustive list!


Wiki: Hamlib

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