Hamlib 1.2.3 released

Hamlib provides a unified environment for the development of radio and rotator control applications. Release 1.2.3 includes many fixes since last official version. A strong emphasis has been put on backend addition and fixes.

Check it out at http://hamlib.org !

New in 1.2.3:
* frontend API: LEVEL_SQLSTAT marked as deprecated
* new backends: Racal, V4L radio cards, Watkins-Johnson 8888
* new models: IC-78, IC-7800, IC-R20, IC-756PROIII
* fixes: AOR 5k&8k: added S-Meter, 7030: fixed freq,
IC-R8500: calibrated S-Meter, legacy Jupiter and many others..
* port: mingw32 dist with gcc 3.4 version, and stdcall interface prepared for VisualBasic support.

Download pages are accessible at http://sourceforge.net/projects/hamlib
i386 rpms and .deb coming soon. Win32 DLL's are already available.

Please, test it out and report to hamlib-developer@lists.sourceforge.net
Developers are also invited to join the Hamlib team by subscribing to this
mailing list.

Have fun and let us know!

73's de Stphane - F8CFE

Posted by Stéphane Fillod 2004-11-18

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