Hamlib 1.1.0 Project Release

hamlib-1.1.0 finally released (alpha).
See http://sourceforge.net/projects/hamlib
for details.
There exists a mailing list for developers at
Although alpha code, proof of concept has been tested against FT747, FT847 and IC706 rigs.

It has gone through a major rework since its inception and testing on my poor old FT747
(smoke test :) Current (limited) support for FT747, FT847 and IC706.

Our aim is to firm up our API, and get some more backends underway.
Developers wanted !! Come and check it out :)

73's de Frank Singleton (vk3fcs/km5ws)
and Stephane Fillod (f4cfe)

Posted by Frank Singleton 2000-12-23

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