Seeking Assistance w/ WinRadio G313

  • Robert

    Robert - 2008-06-13

    I am attempting to use Hamlib with a WinRadio G313, model 1509.  Before writing code to interface with Hamlib, my first test was to use RIGCTL to verify connectivity.  And this is where I'm having issues.  I receive the following message:

    C:\Hamlib>rigctl --model=1509
    g313_init: Unable to LoadLibrary WRG313WO.dll

    In looking through the code, the g313.c file is doing exactly what the error states: it cannot load the WRG313WO.DLL file.

    ----- BEGIN -----
            rig_debug(RIG_DEBUG_ERR, "%s: Unable to LoadLibrary WRG313WO.dll\n",
            return -RIG_EIO;

    The trouble is that I do not have a WRG313WO.DLL file anywhere on my computer.  I have the latest version of WinRadio software, having downloaded it from their web site.  That installs the factory WinRadio application and the WRG313API.DLL file. 

    In doing some research, it appears as if the WRG313WO.DLL is for "wave out".  If anyone on the list could please point me to where I could find this file or provide any other guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. 

    Thank you.


    • Robert

      Robert - 2008-06-14

      Thanks to the power of Internet message boards, I now have a copy of the WRG313WO.dll file and the

      rigctl --model=1509

      command now starts.  I hear audio, but it's not recognizable.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what is necessary to make this work?  Thanks.


    • Nate Bargmann

      Nate Bargmann - 2008-07-08

      Hi Bob.

      Simone Stoeppler did the work on the g313 backend.  I received the code and patches from him via the hamlib-developer mailing list.  You may be able to contact him through that list and work to resolve your issue.

      73, de Nate >>


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