Hamlib and USB ports under Windows

  • Dusan

    Dusan - 2012-06-06


    I'm trying to use my WiNRADIO G315e (external receiver with USB interface) with HDSDR SDR program under Windows XP (32 bit). I've installed hamlib and would like to test if I can connect to the radio with one of the supported WiNRADIO models (e.g. 1509 = WR-G313). What would be the proper rigctl port parameter for USB port radio is connected to?

    Below are some information about USB port where the radio is connected :

    Device name:    G3USBv1.6
    Description:       WiNRADIO G315 USB radio receiver
    Vendor ID:          14e0
    Product ID:         3105
    USB class:         ff
    USB subclass:  01
    USB Protocol:    00
    Hub / Port:          Hub4, Port 2
    Service Name:  WRG315
    Device Class:    PCIRadio
    Instance ID:       USB\Vid_14e0&Pid_3105\5&cc84531&0&2



  • Stéphane Fillod

    Unfortunately, the G315 and the G313 (or any other backend as of now) are not compatible.

    A new backend for the G315 and its DLL has to be developed.
    Work started.


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