Kenwood D700 Interface Question

  • I am working on a project that requires that I emulate a Kenwood D700 with a PIC microcontroller for a limited number of commands. I am seeing some strange behavior that I just cannot figure out.

    I have MCP-D700 SW running on the PC
    I have the PC connected to a serial port on the PIC. I have tried with and without pins 7,5 abd 4,6 tied together on the PC end of the serial cable.
    I have a SW Serial Port Monitor on the PC
    I have a 2nd PC monitoring what is being sent by the PIC.

    When doing a Radio/Write/All command:

    The PC sends 0x0D and the PIC ignores it as I think it should
    The PC sends TC 1 followed by 0x0D.
    PIC responds with TS 1 0x0D. The SW Serial Monitor shows 5 characters in the buffer and it shows the application reading the one at a time.

    The PC sends AI 0 0x0D
    PIC responds with BCN 0. At that point, I expect the PC to respond with BCN, but it does not respond.

    On the 2nd PC monitoring the serial connection, I see BCN 0 0x0D on the wire. The SW serial port monitor that is on the same PC as the MCP-D700 SW indicates that six characters are in the buffer, but it then purges these before they are read by the application. I don't get this. It seems to me that even if I am sending the wrong response, the application would have read the characters to determine that. Any ideas why they got purged?

    If you cannot help with the above, but have Kenwood experience, can you explain the purpose of a few simple commands.

    TC 1  to which I respond TS 1
    AI 0  to which I respond BCN 0
    BCN   which I think I can ignore
    ID    to which I respond ID TM-D700

    Then, I know the radio responds at some point with 54 59 44 20 31 2C 32 2C 30 43 2C 31 2C 2C 31 0D which is D700.TYD 1,2,0C,1,,1. Is that in response to REP 0.

    I should explain that I do not have a D700 to compare results with at this time. I captured the Write/All communicatiosn with a Serial port monitor when I had the 700 available to do so.                                            

    • I never heard about MCP-D700 SW. Is it based on Hamlib? What OS ?
      Or is your question only related to serial programming?
      Maybe a mailing list dedicated to the D700 would be more appropriate?