Kenwood TRC-80 not able to write Frequency to rig?..

  • William, ZS4L

    William, ZS4L - 2013-06-03

    Hi All, my callsign is ZS4L and I am attempting to get my PC and rig to communicate.
    I used both CATBKT and HRD and both will not write the frequency to the TRC-80.I also see that hamlib states it is not possible to write the frequency to the Kenwood TRC-80 but only read it.
    How can I make this work, as this will make it a very useful , and much more flexible rig?..

    73 de William

  • Stéphane Fillod

    Hi William,
    Sorry, your question is confusing. What do you want to do? simply read the frequency, i.e. need some help on using Hamlib?
    or write the frequency? Because for the latter, it's not a matter of Hamlib or HRD, it is a matter of the TRC-80: it does NOT allow the frequency to be written through CAT. Sorry.
    Still, you do want to make for a better world? Complain to Kenwood, either to make them fix the TRC-80's firmware, or find some undocumented command, but don't bet on that.

    73 de Stephane

  • William, ZS4L

    William, ZS4L - 2013-06-04

    Thanks for your reply Stephane,

    That is the problem, I cannot WRITE the frequency to the TRC-80, it would be a much better rig if I could.
    I will try and write to Kenwood and find out if there is possibly a firmware upgrade.
    Not sure WHERE to write to at Kenwood but will try.

    73 de William


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