#13 Si570 Bug (activates BPF in rigs without one; kills PTT)


kit/si570avrusb.c has a bug. in si570avrusb_open, there is a call to setBPF. For some reason, this activates the band-pass filters (every time the device is opened).

This is seriously wrong. There are softrocks with a switchable BPF and softrocks without one (the Ensemble RXTX). When there is no switabhe BPF, the same MCU pins are used to control PTT. What happens with hamlib is that it activates PBF every time you open the device, and this effectively kills PTT.

There is no need to set the BPF on every open; this is done once from a configuration program (currently Windows only, I think).

I commented this call out and my RXTX started working. It was not working before under Linux. (For some reason, it was working with hamlib under Windows; maybe a different version of hamlib).

Thanks, Sivan Toledo, 4X6IZ


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Well, looking at the sources, I think that this was fixed in version 2993. Sorry about the false alert. I think I downloaded the code much later than October, but perhaps I got the tar and not the svn version.


  • Stéphane Fillod

    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • Stéphane Fillod

    Indeed, the fix is already present in the latest Hamlib release 1.2.13 (sources and win32 binaries).

    The default behaviour is no BPF setup, in favor of PTT control.
    People still wanting to have BPF setup should pass the conf param "bpf=1" to the -C option or call rig_set_conf().

    NB: the source repository switched from svn to git after the 1.2.13 release.

    Stephane, F8CFE

  • Stéphane Fillod

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed

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