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Hallow[Online]: ID 001 Released

Hallow[Online] is an open source 2D MMORPG written in C# using the following wrappers: Irrlicht.NET (rendering), irrKlang.NET (sound/not open source), MySQL Connector, and various libraries that are packaged with the .NET framework!

ID stands for In-Development, if it wasn't obvious enough from the download. I've released the first in development I have. It's not the first version though. You'll notice that inside the .ZIP release is "Hallo[Online] 2.0" and whatnot. It's because it is a complete redesign from my original system that I started making. You can expect another ID release sometime within the next month. In my next ID release I hope to have the features of basic game-play implemented.

Posted by Samuel Peterson 2008-10-13

Planning Details To Be Drafted!

So far I've been programming Hallow[Online] with no real planning. The guidelines are still vague. Before I upload the source code that I've made so far, I want to draft up a detailed plan. The plan will consist of (1) A description of what the final product will be. (2) What tools will be utilized to implement our path to the final goal. (3) How the tools will be utilized and implemented.... read more

Posted by Samuel Peterson 2008-10-11

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