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Half-Edge Library release 0.5 is ready

Many exciting changes in this version, including several geometric and topological manipulation algorithms. Although they are ready to use, I plan some significant code rearrangement soon. I will minimize the changes to the interface, especially regarding the iterator/circulator structures. Loop, Doo-Sabin and Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces coming soon!

The major changes in this version:
* Support for pinched vertices!!!
+ This is not correct if the holes that pinch the vertices are connected in cycles.
+ In that case, the mesh still seems to load, but the topology will probably be wrong.
* Edge-collapse operations for mesh simplification.
* High level mesh simplification methods; Rough implementation.
* Edge-flip operations that can be used for correcting a sub-optimal simplification.
* Face merging operations.
* Interactive removal of faces, vertices and half-edges.
* Vertex bypass to avoid degree-2 vertices.
* Reduced some redundant computations in const and non-const method pairs.
* Much more complete check() methods in all relevant classes.
* Several bug fixes.

Posted by Pablo Díaz Gutiérrez 2008-05-22

HalfEdge library, release 0.3 is out

Version 0.2 has been released. A few improvements, additions and fixes have been implemented. Further, the API documentation is included. This is the list of changes:
* Input support for PLY ASCII format.
* Mesh output supported for OFF and PLY ASCII formats.
* Improved GUI demo for simple mesh edition and visualization.
* ply2off demo program.
* FIX: Arbitrarily large holes now correctly handled, as long as they produce no pinched vertices. (Before, only triangular holes were handled.)
* Kdevelop project now included.... read more

Posted by Pablo Díaz Gutiérrez 2007-03-07

First usable version: v0_2

Version 0.2 has been released. This is the first version of the library that can be practically used. Although it is severely incomplete, it allows loading, visualization, saving and simple modifications of hole-free OFF models. a simple glTest program based on GLUI is provided, statically linked to the library. Feel free to test it and send feedback.

Posted by Pablo Díaz Gutiérrez 2007-03-01

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