#33 game can get stuck after attack of opportunity in combat


From Shirish:

Hi Jared,
This is what I'm doing :-

a. I asked the priest to give Divine Luck and that was successful.
(before the fight start)
b. Then went to fight (the rogue hidden as the leader)
c. Then as our rogue can see the mushroom men the fight is started.
d. But as the mushroom men cannot see beyond a certain limit they
don't do anything.
e. Then when out turn comes then I move one of the heroes to just
behind the rogue.
f. Unwittingly the mushroom men come and I get the Window of opportunity.
g. Sometimes it just gets stuck at the window of opportunity or after
the opportunity has ended and it's the mushroom men's turn. Either the
mushroom men is killed or sometimes it shows that one of the heroes
turn it is but nothing happens when I try to move him or anything.

I just hope this doesn't confuse the issue more.


  • Grokmoo

    Grokmoo - 2013-02-18

    It just happened again.

    There was a window of opportunity and the rogue stuck and the mushroom
    men is dead and it shows the button on the mage while in the game it's
    the mushroom men whose turn it is (don't know which mushroom men it is
    , i.e. the one who died or the ones remaining)

    I have attached a screenshot, maybe that tells u something more.

  • Grokmoo

    Grokmoo - 2013-02-18

    Adding attachment from shirish

  • Grokmoo

    Grokmoo - 2013-04-17

    I've given up trying to reproduce this specific issue. However, due to this issue and the general lack of code quality, I've decided to rewrite the section of code controlling this. I've sketched out how this new system will work in my head, and I think this change will solve this and related issues permanently. Will start working on it soon.


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