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#31 problems with auras when transitioning areas


Got this bug report via email:

First, after exporting my team from PalePass2 to 3, i started this act, and i probably switched between areas too fast, before Positive E healed once. And the Aura was activated 2 times. Then, when going to another zone, removing the Aura or any, the game closed. I had to open the save, and i noticed the Aura was 3 times, and only 2 of it was activated. The error was thrown in AreaEffectList, line 284. While zoning, every Aura are removed. 3 Aura (3 times LeaderShip) but only 2 effect, so i had a
IllegalArgumentException("Effect " + effect + " is not in the area effect list");
To resolve it, i started the game in debug with break point at this line, and by switching area in game, i manually added the effect in the list 'effects', in order that the test return true. The 'for (Point p)' had no element, so the game didn't crashed, i landed in the next zone and did a new save. No more problem !


  • Grokmoo

    Grokmoo - 2013-12-18
    • status: open --> fixed
  • Grokmoo

    Grokmoo - 2013-12-18

    Fixed in r1721


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