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New Build

I archived the build currently running on the site and made it available under the 'current' downloads section as 1090553280.tar.gz

Posted by Justin Carlson 2004-07-23

Site update.

This news page now saves a cache and the news items have to be manually asked to update, instead of time based updates.

Check out the new link over there, Emir Sakic created a WAP front-end with Hail, allowing you to check your hotmail with your web enabled handheld.

Craig is no longer a contact for Hail, so, it's just down to me.

Let's see...

I am getting married the 22nd of May, so don't expect any new releases anytime soon.... read more

Posted by Justin Carlson 2004-03-19


Wow what a horrible cease of productivity.

To those of you who are using hail, we hope begin work on it again soon. But hey, version 0.8 works, you can read and send mail, so enjoy that for now.

I / We really do plan on finishing this, time is just so horrible with that whole not stopping thing.

Posted by Justin Carlson 2003-11-22

Downtime and slow development.

As often happens, after I get an idea and start a project like this one, my personal interest starts to lull. I am sorry about the delay of 0.9, and assure you development will pick back up soon. Expect a version 1.0 release in the next couple months, with most required features active.

Thank you for your patience.

NOTE: It sounds like someone else has picked up hail and integrated it into their project(s) , if you have problems with a package, such as FlashNuke, a php Nuke spin-off, you will need to write their developers for help, as we do not support hail for 3rd party users.

Posted by Justin Carlson 2003-08-13

Hail 0.08 Release

Do to an apparent change to the hotmail WebDAV protocol, a bug was introduced into Hail.

This release fixes that bug.


Posted by Justin Carlson 2003-07-17

0.07 Released!


* Junk mail folder is now selectable, the contents are correctly shown
* The regex that pulled apart the <D:response /> element in the get_folders() method, has itself been pulled apart, I couldn't get it to get the nice names for user-defined folders. It now does this, and hail now displays and interacts with user defined folders as well as the built in folders
* Discovered that the read/unread property of the msnpromo folder (MSN Announcements) is a dummy property. Outlook express doesn't use it and must simulate it on the client end. I've removed the "new" column from the msnpromo page to reflect this, and I've also removed the "unread" mail count from the folders list.
* Changed the link colours. Hail used to display visited and unvisited links in different colours, this was confusing, because mail URLs can change between sessions. I've made the unvisited and visited links the same colour. If you want to know which mails you've read - use the "read/unread" icon!!
* Added the ability to delete mail. This is really just a MOVE command specifying the trAsH folder (Deleted Items) as the destination. Expect full-on mail moving soon.
* Sent items immediately reflects the larger message count when sending mail.... read more

Posted by Craig Marshall 2003-07-05

Brief Update


Thanks to Mark Paciga! Mark has taken our 0.05 package and made a load of bug fixes to it! I've wrapped these changes up in the current version, and added a couple of my own, and released it as 0.06.

Mark had in fact made a few changes that were the same (such as making the time stamp friendlier) - that'll teach us for not releasing often enough! Here's a quick summary of what's new... read more

Posted by Craig Marshall 2003-07-05

Hailware Site Updated

The site has been given a small update with the release of version 0.06.

Posted by Justin Carlson 2003-06-27


Check out the Hail website for more detailed information.

Posted by Justin Carlson 2003-06-26

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