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HackSaw: A Log4Net Viewing Tool / News: Recent posts

Status Update

I just wanted to say the project isn't dead, I just haven't had time to do any updates in quite a while due to work. I am planning on cleaning up the interface and leveraging some jQuery and MVC to finally make this a 1.0 application.

The quick start guide was updated a little and added to my blog. You can view that here:

Posted by Dillie-O 2009-11-15

Quick Start Guide Available

I wrote this article a year or so back, but wanted to link it here with some updated information to help you get a start with Log4Net so Hacksaw will actually do something for you...

Read the article at:

Feel free to post questions/comments about the article in the forums section here.

Posted by Dillie-O 2008-05-07

Hacksaw 0.9 Released.

Greetings all!

I know it has been nearly a year, but I've been busy with the day to day things, but have been able to keep Hacksaw running for more UI testing.

Beta 0.9 has a complete UI rewrite to make better use of AJAX, colors, and web page real estate, I've also made it possible to simply type in the path to the log file you wish to load if you just need to "quick load" a log.

Download and enjoy! As always, your comments/suggestions/feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.

Posted by Dillie-O 2008-04-28

Hacksaw 0.7 Released.

The latest update to HackSaw is now available. The UI had undergone a little more tweaking to provide for an optimal viewing experience. New features include an auto-refresh for the log as well as the ability to use custom icons for your log items.

Download and enjoy! As always, your comments/suggestions/feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.

Posted by Dillie-O 2007-04-30

HackSaw 0.6 Released

HackSaw 0.6 has just been released. The UI has been overhauled to take advantage of the AJAX framework for a smoother user experience. In addition, several new search capabilities were added to make it easier to dig into those large logs.

Download and enjoy!

Posted by Dillie-O 2007-03-16

HackSaw 0.5 now available.

A few quick updates and HackSaw 0.5 is ready for release. There are a few, but important changes for this version:

* Fixed bug when loading log files of 0 Kb size.
* Added "open" filter option to filter log entries.
* Added ability to change order of folder/log nodes.
* Changed subtitle on manage log sources page to read "Log4Net" instead of "Log4J"

The most notable is the "open" filter option. If you can write WHERE clauses, then you can set the WHERE clause into the filter textbox and it will set the row filter accordingly on the log results grid.... read more

Posted by Dillie-O 2007-02-16

Source / Core code now available.

The Beta 0.4 code of HackSaw is now available in the files section for your use.

The source package is the standard source code with a Visual Studio 2005 solution file for use with compiling/editing the source.

The core package has the necessary ASPX/DLL files if you want to perform a simple install of the application.

Enjoy! Please leave feedback regarding your experience with HackSaw. I'm working on additional features and like to base them on your feedback.

Posted by Dillie-O 2007-02-12