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HackNet 0.0.6 Released

It's been a while, but development has finally resumed on the HackNet project, and there have been a LOT of changes since version 0.0.5 was released more than a year ago!

Chief among the changes is the integration of the actual NetHack object database into HackNet. HackNet now populates the world with real NetHack objects, with the correct creation probabilities, etc.

Objects can now be worn, taken off, quaffed, eaten, put on, and so forth.... read more

Posted by Trevor Powell 2002-11-09

HackNet 0.0.5 released

Hi folks, I've just released version 0.0.5 of the multiplayer NetHack-clone, "HackNet". New in this version is an inventory, combat, player stats/status, lots of interface niceties, and many other new features.

We're very much still in-development, and there's a long way to go before we're really fun to play, but we're getting closer every day!

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-07-15

HackNet 0.0.4 released

The multiplayer Hack-themed game 'HackNet' will now cleanly compile on various Linux distributions, *BSD, and Cygwin under Windows. Possibly will also compile and run under Solaris as well (I'd be grateful if someone with access to a Solaris machine could check this!)

Aside from massive structural changes to the codebase, new in version 0.0.4 of HackNet is the presence of basic monsters, and an initial implementation of the "SurRealTime" turn format pioneered by InterHack. Check the ChangeLog for more information and new stuff.

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-05-07

CVS users note:

I've just changed the directory structure of the HackNet source tree. This means that you need to either do a fresh checkout of the hacknet sources (recommended!) or else do a cvs update -dP to tell cvs to get new directories and prune out the old ones.

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-05-06

HackNet v0.0.2 released

Hi folks! It's your friendly neighborhood HackNet coder again. I'd like to announce that I've just released version 0.0.2 of the multiplayer NetHack-styled game 'HackNet'. Notable new features include conversation between clients, multiple dungeon levels, and some serviceable line of sight code (which still needs lots of work to stand up to the functionality of NetHack's line-of-sight system!).... read more

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-04-29

HackNet source file release

For those who aren't feeling up to tackling CVS, I've put together a quick tarball of the initial HackNet code committed to our CVS repository last week. The code should compile on any OS with a POSIX-compliant thread library and a curses or ncurses library.

I'm hoping that people will see the direction I'm taking the source code, and be inspired to help contribute, and help speed production along!... read more

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-03-14

HackNet code available

Hi folks!

I've just made HackNet's first public CVS commit. Hacknet is a multiplayer roguelike game, in the style of Hack and NetHack, written in C++.

Currently, the HackNet server generates NetHack-style dungeon layouts, and multiple clients can connect to the server to explore the dungeon.

I encourage people to look over the source code from CVS, and to think about helping contribute to the HackNet project -- it's big enough for everyone to be able to help out!... read more

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-03-11

HackNet joins SourceForge

Hi, folks! Your friendly neighborhood hacknet coder, here.

As you've no doubt noticed by now, HackNet's now hosted on SourceForge. For those who haven't heard of us, HackNet is a project to create a multiplayer roguelike game -- in effect, doing for Hack what Mangband did for Angband.

Current state of the code: Server and curses-based client are in development. The server (hacknetd) can handle multiple clients connecting and moving around the game world simultaneously. Current coding is focusing upon level generation. As soon as standard Hack-style maps are being successfully generated, I'll make our first public CVS commit. Expect that within a week, depending on my work commitments.

Posted by Trevor Powell 2001-03-05

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