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h264enc 9.4.6 released

* Bugfix: FAAC encoding was using wrong language TID in mkvmerge. Should be 0 instead of 1 as we no longer encapsulate AAC in MP4
* Removed --no-chapters mkvmerge option for FAAC encoding. It's no longer needed as we no longer store the AAC audio in MP4 container

Posted by microbooster 2012-04-16

h264enc 9.4.5 released

* Don't require FAAC to be compiled with MP4 container support (the -w option). Some distro's do not compile FAAC with MP4 support so play it safe and assume FAAC isn't compiled with MP4 support

Posted by microbooster 2012-04-07

h264enc 9.4.4 released

* Only 'sed' mbtree for multi-pass mode
* Don't append "- chapter [id]" to output file when encoding only specific chapters

Posted by microbooster 2012-02-21

h264enc 9.4.2 released

* Use a separate variable in config file for setting the default CRF or QP value (DEFAULT_VID_CRFQP). This bumps the config file version to 21
* Be slightly more portable by using #!/usr/bin/env bash instead of #!/bin/bash shebang
* Replaced some if conditionals in the -sc option by using 'test' directly
* Added an option for passing additional MEncoder parameters. Useful for when the user wants to use something like -mc 0 -noskip, for example
* Added support for encoding to DTS audio through the dcaenc encoder which can be found at http://aepatrakov.narod.ru/dcaenc/
* Minor changes to the video_delogo_func() function. Use $sourcetype, $device, $vid and $MPLAYEROPTS variables. Also use -nosound in MPlayer
* Improved the mkvtags file. Escape special characters like &, <, > and " in the Title field

Posted by microbooster 2012-01-01

h264enc 9.4.1 released

* Introduced two new variables in the config file, DEFAULT_VID_BITRATE and DEFAULT_AUD_CODEC. The first one sets the default video bitrate or CRF/QP value while the second one can be used to set a default audio codec. This change updates the config file to version 20
* Fixed a typo in man page

Posted by microbooster 2011-10-10

h264enc 9.4.0 released

* Disable mbtree in multipass mode to prevent segfaulting MEncoder due to differences in frames amount in the passlog file. Disabling mbtree reduces quality but saves us a crash in MEncoder
* Notify the user that the script does not support AAC in AVI anymore. Also exit if user has not selected any of the other supported containers

Posted by microbooster 2011-08-20

h264enc 9.3.9 released

* Bugfix: selecting the x264 internal denoiser does nothing due to missing $nr variable in the MEncoder options

Posted by microbooster 2011-08-08

h264enc 9.3.8 released

* Update the mq, nq, hq, vhq, ehq, uhq and ihq presets. Increase subme by 1. For the ihq preset, this means that it uses subme 11 now which requires latest x264 from git

Posted by microbooster 2011-07-23

h264enc 9.3.7 released

* Removed the ssim and psnr options from the presets. Should only be used for benchmarking

Posted by microbooster 2011-05-15

h264enc 9.3.6 released

* Fixed the subtitles function which got broken when the get_selection_func() function got introduced

Posted by microbooster 2011-04-03

h264enc 9.3.5 released

* Added support for setting the crop rounding value

Posted by microbooster 2011-03-29

h264enc 9.3.4 released

* Fix option 4 and 5 of the video_deblock_func() function. Wrong vars used

Posted by microbooster 2011-03-09

h264enc 9.3.3 released

* Fixed a bug in directory batch mode were wrong conditional was used to check for the DEFOUTPUT variable
* Display which file is currently being processed in batch mode
* Check only for files while in batch mode
* Do not exit if user types an incorrect answer to y/n questions. Instead, ask the question again. Patch by Jan-Hendrik Peters and friends

Posted by microbooster 2011-02-21

h264enc 9.3.2 released

* Use -demuxer lavf when trying to get the video length for bitrate calculation for a target file size. Should be more reliable on M2TS/TS files
* Add support for the delogo filter. Patch by Haiko Michelfeit <haiko AT zsyndikat DOT org>. Config file version is bumped to 19
* Updated copyright dates

Posted by microbooster 2011-01-08

h264enc 9.3.1 released

* Fix for the custom preset (cp) option

Posted by microbooster 2010-12-05

h264enc 9.3.0 released

* Remove double $HOME variable in the -scan option

Posted by microbooster 2010-11-26

h264enc 9.2.9 released

* Fix typo in the backup_file_func(): exisiting -> existing
* Workaround multichan FAAC encoding. FAAC somehow does not like multichan PCM from MPlayer but it does if one treats it as raw using -P in FAAC. Nero/FLAC/Vorbis have no issues, though. Go figure
* Added support for setting subtitle codepage during hardcoding of external subs
* Added support for the audio equalizer filter. This updates the config file version to 18
* Removed 'time' requirement

Posted by microbooster 2010-10-29

h264enc 9.2.8 released

* Workaround mencoder stupidity. With recent versions of mencoder that have subs enabled by default (who came up with that great idea?), in case the user selects to dump a sub for importing into mkv/mp4, during multipass encoding the first sub will always get hardcoded due to missing -nosub option in the 2nd and 3rd pass code. This is only valid for multipass encodes so people using one pass modes (-1p, -qp or -crf) are safe.

Posted by microbooster 2010-09-16

h264enc 9.2.7 released

* Small update to the -scan option. Just check if input file is there, regardless if user provides the full path or not
* Enable trellis in some presets that use CAVLC

Posted by microbooster 2010-09-15

h264enc 9.2.6 released

* Fixed a syntax error in the iphq preset

Posted by microbooster 2010-08-23

h264enc 9.2.5 released

* Update QuickTime & iPhone presets. Patch by gongloo

Posted by microbooster 2010-08-21

h264enc 9.2.4 released

* Typo fix in the display_quality_preset_func(); verslow -> veryslow. As this is an informative function, it does not affect the encoding configuration
* Force -nosub option in case subtitles are skipped. This is to prevent auto-loading of subs

Posted by microbooster 2010-07-21

h264enc 9.2.3 released

* Added support for x264's preset, tune and profile options. This adds two additional optional args [-t (for tune) and -pf (for profile)] which can only be used with an x264 preset, not with the built-in script presets. If used with those, these args will be ignored.
Examples on how to use x264 presets (which is also explained in the -help option)
h264enc -crf -p slow
h264enc -crf -p slow -t film
h264enc -crf -p slow -pf main
h264enc -crf -p slow -t film -pf high
One can also switch the -t and -pf options, eg: h264enc -crf -p slow -pf high -t film
* Updated the man page

Posted by microbooster 2010-06-25

h264enc 9.2.2 released

* Small bugfix in the get_devices_func() function; script exits when user hits enter to accept default device
* Remove AVI menu entry as supported container when using FAAC for audio encoding

Posted by microbooster 2010-05-15

h264enc 9.2.1 released

* Reworked a bit the audio channels decode/output function. This function also got renamed from audio_channels_func() to audio_channels_decode_func()
* Added support for the audio channels filter which can be used to add/remove/route channels. This updates the config file to version 17 and adds variable ALLOW_AUD_CHANNELS
* Bugfix: audio filters were not inserted when doing 1-pass encodes

Posted by microbooster 2010-04-29

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