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GYachI 1.1.0 released

After much anticipation, GYachI version 1.1.0 has been released. This is a major bugfix / UI improvements / performance enhancement release.

Posted by Greg Hosler 2007-11-05

GYachI 1.0.5 released

After a long summer break, version 1.0.5 has been released. The biggest since version 1.0.4 is tabbed private conversation. All credits are rightfuly due to ghosler :-)

Posted by Zoltan 2006-08-23

GYachI 1.0.2 released

Changed include added localization infrastructure (although not fully operational) as well as many bugfixes

Posted by Zoltan 2006-03-15

GYach Improved RPM package released

Initial version of RPM package has been released. Since this is the first one, errors are likely to happen. Please submit bugs to forums.

Posted by Zoltan 2006-03-03

libyahoo2 RPM packages uploaded

Although not necessery yet for gyachi, RPM packages of libyahoo2 have been created and uploaded to "Files" section.

Of course, more information about libyahoo2 can be found at

Posted by Zoltan 2006-02-22