#36 Provide Voice in Conference and IM

Mike Carter

Currently voice is enabled in chat rooms. Stub code exists in conference and 1on1 IM relics of pre-fork work. These stubs show to the end user and appear to be working then dead end. The feature would be to provide voice in conference and 1on1 IM similar to that found in YM. In searching the web on the issue of voice support in the Linux world for YM, I found that many newbies seek this function as they use it with family and friends to keep in voice contact over long distances. Only GyachI provides ANY voice support compatible with YM. Ekiga or other software could in theory provide an alternative but it requires the linux user persuade his group to convert from Yahoo to some other system. Such as everyone move to Ekiga. Far simpler for the user to have equivalent functionality in GyachI to that experienced by Windows users utilizing Yahoo. Messenger. Personally, I simply reboot to Windows which tempts me to remain using that slow and unstable product as I cannot abandon it.


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