#25 Latest Voice Compatibility


Don't know how tall of an order this is, but though the voice works great in chat rooms (better than it's been working on Yahoo's own client for me, lately!), I get the response from people's clients in PM's that I'm using an earlier version & need to update in order to do a Call with them. I'm using 1.1.0.

Also, hands-free option in voice would be gr8.

Other than that, this is such an exceptionally good project. Love the easy & quick captcha dialog, again much better than how Yahoo handles it in Windows.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    It could be better if Gyachi support voice chat in private chat.This is the main problem and when someone want to do voice chat he should be in chat room and everyone listening their private voice chat that they are talking..lolz........Gyachi team should work on it and resolve this problem and provide/enable voice chat feature in next version.I am using Gyachi Improved version 1.1.0 on Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon.


  • Andrei Caba

    Andrei Caba - 2009-07-29

    the best would be simply calling the yahoo user i want... the protocol mustn't be so hard... yahoocall is one of the most needy things from yahoo users... even the webcam functionality works great, call is one important miss... also... it would be great if another project, like Microsoft office groove would be opened, and the product to be either compatible with groove, or just able to install on windows too... that would be something like smartest thing here :)
    waiting for responses!... :)


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