GyachI V1.2.0

  • Greg Hosler

    Greg Hosler - 2009-07-01

    Sorry it took so long to get this out. I was travelling, and didn't have good internet access for testing...

    well... as you all know, Yahoo! made some changes.

    There's been a lot made of that. Most non-ym chat clients couldn't log in (and if you were using either of the login protocols earlier that messenger 8 on GyachI, you also wouldn't have been able to log in).

    Our Messenger 8 support (which has been in Gyachi since Jan 2008) had no issues logging in.

    Yahoo! also made one additional change (at least), which had the unfortunate side affect of causing outbound PM posts to not go to your buddy. in other words, they could see that you were TYPING, and you could see them typing, and their typed text, but your buddy couldn't see your typed text.

    A very frustrating experience for all involved.

    Anyway, that is found, and fixed. At the same time, I added Messenger 9 support. Right now there is no difference between GyachI's support of Messenger 8 & 9.

    A few other minor things cleaned up. Removal of the obsoleted protocols, since you cannot log into Yahoo! with them any more. Also, I decided that this was as good a time as any to bump the version from 1.1 to 1.2.0 -- essentially for Yahoo! you need to be running GyachI 1.2.0 or newer.

    From the ChangLog

    2009-07-01 (V1-2-0) Fix Yahoo! pm chat problem.
            * - fixed chat problem in Yahoo! since ~ 22 June
            *   Fedora Bugzilla [Bug 508576]
            * - implemented YMSG-16 / Messenger 9
            * - fixed some tooltab conditionals for older systems.
            * - fixed deny buddy list add.
            * - fix crash in Yahoo! html panel when clicking on refresh
            *   (refresh will refresh the list of yahoo urls, not the
            *   current web page) Fedora Bugzilla [Bug 508490]
            * - disabled ymsg-11 & ymsg-13 login's since Yahoo! has phased
            *   them out. Anyway we've had YMSG-15 working since Jan 2008
            *   (and Y-16 is only ioncrementally different from Y-15)

    • pr147

      pr147 - 2009-07-01

      Tried 1.2.0 - works fine so far ! Thanks ! Would let you know more after testing further.

      • aghe milano

        aghe milano - 2009-07-02

        Tried v1.2.0 and login with new protocol ymsg 16,PM work fine but when
        i tried to change my status  to "custom message" it wont changing
        neither to "invisible" also,are these new bugs or what?? need your
        assist pls

        note:now I'm back to ymsg 15 protocol and I can change my status display correctly.

        aghe milano

    • Greg Hosler

      Greg Hosler - 2009-07-02

      aghe, I just tested out "invisible" and "custom message" in one gyachi, and as another gyachi user, I can see the custom message and/or I can see the user "log off" when they go "invisible".


      I need you to be more precise in what you are seeing, and why you think it doesn't work.

      This was for ymsg-16 protocol (I already know that YMSG-15 handles these :-)

      More information appreciated...


      • aghe milano

        aghe milano - 2009-07-02

        I'm so sorry that was my mistake :( tried to remove all my old .yahorc
        folder and fireup gyachi ones again and voilaa.. everything work as it
        should be now.. don't know how this fix my problem and why it doesn't
        work earlier..
        or probably it's just a connection matter FYI I'm using GPRS connection
        @ that moment.

        thanks Greg..

        aghe milano

    • Greg Hosler

      Greg Hosler - 2009-07-02

      Excellent news. Great to hear!


    • Paul Allen

      Paul Allen - 2009-07-03

      I just gave it a quick try.  Others can see what I type now.  And I can see what they type - twice!

    • Greg Hosler

      Greg Hosler - 2009-07-03

      Hi Paul, fixed in 1.2.1, just posted...

    • Paul Allen

      Paul Allen - 2009-07-04

      Hi Greg.  Thanks for the fix.  That was fast! :)


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