#59 Text missing on the other end

Justin Kyle

I have just downloaded and starting using gyache and for the first two days it was great. now no one on the other end of the instant messages can see my text. they see myname pop up showing i sent them a text but they do not see any of the message i send them. I have not changed any settings since installing gyache. I am at the beginner level of linux. I recently gave up reverse engineering in windows and switched to Ubuntu. I use Ubuntu Jaunty. I am not very familiar with reporting bugs, if there is anything else needed or anything for me to check, I would be more than happy to help.


  • Rhys Donaubauer

    Rhys Donaubauer - 2009-07-02

    I have been having this issue also. I had absolutely no problem with GyachI (I could even view webcams) until I installed my Microsoft VX-3000 and had to compile the Gspca driver. Now I'm able to send my webcam (which is too dark to see in only this program) but any text I send is not received on the other person's end.

  • Ubulindy

    Ubulindy - 2009-10-30

    I am also having this problem with Pidgin, and Pidgin is being patched today. For gYachi, I can find nothing in log files to indicate there is an issue, but my outgoing text is indeed invisible to others.


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