#58 cannot connect to yahoo servers


For about a week and a half I've been unable to connect correctly to the yahoo servers.
If I use the 13 protocal gyachi disconnects immediately with a system message window, no readable text in the window just [ ]
If I use the 15 protocal, it looks like it logs in normal and I can see my friends/status but I've had a friend msg me and when I reply they couldn't see anything.

I updated to the 1.71 version when the deb was available, and had no problems until recently.
I've tried installing an older version, get the same results.
if I use pidgin to log in to yahoo, it works normal without any changes.

I'm using regular Jaunty, I'll attach a screenshot.

Thanks :)


  • JoelD29

    JoelD29 - 2009-06-18

    gyachi unable to connect screen capture protocal13

  • JoelD29

    JoelD29 - 2009-06-18

    Quick update, I just tried to log into pidgin and it's not connecting.
    So seems to point to something on yahoos end.

    Pidgin was working this morning and all the time that I've been unable to use gyachi.
    Something must have happened on yahoos end today.


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