Diff of /branches/Gxsm-2x3-transition-sig/plug-ins/hard/sranger_mk2_hwi_control.h [r3526] .. [r3527]  Maximize  Restore

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--- a/branches/Gxsm-2x3-transition-sig/plug-ins/hard/sranger_mk2_hwi_control.h
+++ b/branches/Gxsm-2x3-transition-sig/plug-ins/hard/sranger_mk2_hwi_control.h
@@ -387,6 +387,11 @@
 	static int DSP_cret_callback (GtkWidget *widget, DSPControl *dspc);
 	static int DSP_slope_callback (GtkWidget *widget, DSPControl *dspc);
+	const char* vp_label_lookup(int i);
+	const char* vp_unit_lookup(int i);
+	double      vp_scale_lookup(int i);
 	void Probing_graph_update_thread_save (int finish_flag=0) {
 		gdk_threads_enter();  // Protect against concurrency with gtk main loop
 		Probing_graph_callback (NULL, this, finish_flag);
@@ -439,6 +444,8 @@
 	int    probe_source[4];    //!< probe source mapping for 32bit data channels
 	int    probe_output[4];    //!< probe output mapping for 32bit data channels (in preparation)
 	int    lockin_input[4];    //!< LockIn input A, B selection only, -- alt. A,B ref (TDB)
+	int    vp_input_id_cache[4];  // cache VP input config;
 #define SERVO_SETPT 0

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