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A little demo of the VP program in GXSM-3 and behind the scenes information

Here is a little demonstration of a simple VP program with simple repeat block doing some fun.
Basically I want you to look at the vector components LM-dX and LM-dY. BTW, that's where the name LM originates from = Lateral Manipulation. However, it can do much more and this may change in future into simply "VP".

See here how the input looks for the user:
Screenshot VP program and result on a UHD 4k display... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2017-02-04

Announcing Gxsm3 3.42.0 Red-Force-One to be stable for production now officially obsoleting Gxsm-2

With the release of Gxsm-3 -- V3.42.0 "Red-Force-One" -- and it's final tweaks from 3.41.x we now officially obsolete Gxsm-2. There are no planns in continuing any work on this pre-gtk3 version, in particular as there are unfixable multi threadding issue we had a long fight with to get some what under control. Now in gtk this all has a clean new solution and works absolutely flawlessy on most modern machines :) Also there is nothing left to be ported any more and Gxsm-3 is to date already super seeding Gxsm2 in several aspects. Below is a summary of the lastest developments. See also new screenshots added to project!... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2017-01-19

Gxsm-3.0 -- V3.41.0 "Red Force One" released

Happy New Year 2017!

Gxsm-3.0 -- V3.41.0 "Red Force One" is now released:

After several tweaks and stability and more "fool proof hardening", tracking down a hopefully final multi threadding stability issue missed so far -- related to simple GUI (filename and number) update out of a thread, fixed some missed (while porting) incompatible side pane callbacks among other details it's now working rock solid here with a low temp STM/AFM and on my testing systems as well.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2017-01-03

Gxsm-3.0 officially released.

Gxsm-3.0 is now released and available via the main SVN trunk and set to default checkout link. It depends on a recent gnome / gtk-3.0 system. Tested with the MK3. The MK2 works as well, but is at this time less "life" tested.

Gxsm-2.0 is still availbale and will be for some time but main stream support and updates will focus on Gxsm-3.0 from now on.

Note: As of now DSP code is 100% the same what means you can at any time switch between gxsm-2.0 and 3.0 -- but I see a time not far form now this will now be the case any more.

Posted by Percy Zahl 2016-11-10

Gxsm-3.0 is about to be released...

So far still testing the Beta version of Gxsm-3.0-beta for final tweaks:


Please check it out and provide valuable feedback!

Posted by Percy Zahl 2016-10-23

Now at NC-AFM, Nottingham, UK

Happy to discuss anything in person.

Do not miss my talk Friday morning.

Posted by Percy Zahl 2016-07-26

article in print: "GXSM - Smart & Customizable SPM Control"

Posted by Percy Zahl 2015-01-26

GXSM Signal Master Evolved V3.10.4 in SVN. -- STABLE --

GXSM Signal Master Evolved V3.10.4 is now in SVN. I'd call this a now finally a well proven solid production version.

Only critical bug fixes will go into this from now on.

A major project started on actual full porting to GTK3.4 and later.
branches/Gxsm-3.0-beta (gxsm3).

Most trivialities are already done porting a gazillion of obsolete gnome and gtk2 functions. A lot of recursive sed action, plugins are done with all trivia ports already. Several jobs a like...... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-10-27

Signal Master Evolved -- 3.10.1 -- worked out a few addiitons...

A few new features, fixes and minor "speciality" pending ports in 3.10.1 -- currently in testing:

  • GPIO support for VP, full GPIO read and set bit pattern per section
  • Added real time trigger/gate capability to VP engine. Trigger pos/neg/logic &eq on any signal, including a new GPIO signal. Trigger may be set to delay start/gate any VP section.
  • Finished pending transition of Limiter and Tracker to use proper signals now
  • Fixed pending Tracker MK2 -> MK3 port
  • Added Signals: GPIO-data, MIX-CH0..3 processed data (gain may be set to zero to prevent final mixing into the resulting delta. But pre gain mixer channel signal may be used else where -- for example as VP Trigger source, where "setpoint" is a trigger level equivalent. (got me?)
  • Added Inputs: Trigger, Limiter, Tracker... read more
Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-09-24

MK3-PLL/MK3 "Signal Master Evolved" final touches

Gxsm version "Signal Master Evolved", just committed a few final touches and minor fixes.

Now full signal propagation and management via Gxsm including proper unit & scaling support derived from signal definition table. All life, actual settings read back from DSP at Gxsm startup and refresh at scan start (in case of external manipulations).

Mixer channel signal selections are now reflected by signal name in Channelselector and also automatically used as Scan title/file name.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-08-17

Signal-Master updates and ICN+T, Vail conference presence

Check out a few over due updates on our http://gxsm.sf.net website and study the poster available there we presented at the ICN+T, Vail, Colorado recently!

==> http://gxsm.sourceforge.net/Gxsm2-MK3-SigW-ICNT2014-b.png

A very successful meeting, a lot of in person interaction and discussions with Gxsm users and several interested scientists! A minimal life demo for GXSM+MK3/PLL for hands on.

And there are already NEWs evolving out of it!... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-08-08

GXSM 3.01.0 "Signal Master"

A big move forward to GXSM 3.01.0 "Signal Master" in particular for all MK3-Pro/A810-PLL owners. A major SVN merge from development branch/Gxsm-2x3-transition-sig into trunk was performed today.

Plus a few follow ups and merges on independent work by Niv implementing a Python console to make the pyremote more user-friendly and at the same time addressing a instability issue related to consecutive script calls.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-04-03

IMPORTANT Informations and News -- please read.


The whole GXSM CVS repository is from now on "frozen" (well, no in a hard manner) but there should be no commits any more be done -- as it is obsoleted by a now completed transition to SVN.

As of now (to be precise 2014-01-15) the CVS is fully ported to SVN -- Thanks Thorsten!

Both as of now have a stable release in the main trunc tree.

There were a few recent updated related to MK2 and MK2 -- it is highly advised to update your software.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-01-17

Important: at all MK3-Pro/PLL users

A recent bug (or missed parameter update as of added parameters...) caused the LockIn to malfunction. Fixed now. (MK3 only)

Please updated DSP+Gxsm2 from CVS.

This update (MK3 only) also included new and more flexible channel configurations:
full choice of input channels for all 4 mixer channels now, the 1st mixer input is feed into the IIR + real time filter. Now the output of any mixer channel (processed) is available for probing in 32bit resolution (post processing internal resolution). Find new 4 pull down menus in the graphs tab. And also a flex LockIn A and B input signal selection option now.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2014-01-01

LM -- Lat/Vert Manipulation tool upgrade

Exposed a simple set of 8 full Probe Vectors for a simple but full user configurable VP program. May add flag for FB on/off?

Posted by Percy Zahl 2013-10-31

MK3 / VP buffer size size limitation resolved -- please update

Please update MK3 code + Gxsm/HWI if you need more then about 4000 values for VP probing on MK3. A FIFO buffer size mismatch was resolved and now there no size limitation beyond bandwidth and a max N per VP section of 2^15 (this may soon also be lifted as MK3 all vars are 32bit, only limited by HWI for MK2/3 compatibility reasons as of now) any more.

Posted by Percy Zahl 2013-04-18

Gxsm-2 V1.41.0 "Lednice013" in CVS, final minor patches.

See also previous News post!

Mk3 new mode "fast-scan" related patches released in CVS. Update to latest DSP&Gxsm2.

Working on optimized real time "grey-2d" view with better update, automatically switching to full frame updates and skipping forward to current data -- if scanning fast and update rate does not allow line by line. May freeze "Red Line" temporary.

Various small updates, mostly convenience...... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2013-04-10

MK3 experimental "fast scan" mode using sinusodial X "ramp"

For MK3 only:

-- new experimental fast scan mode:

  • X signal is a absolute in time harmonic signal for the duration of the scan
  • scan speed/line frequency changes on line by line basis only -- obviously
  • running at full 150kHz data rate
  • NO gridded probe or 2nd scan line, nor triggers in fast mode
  • example at full speed it's possible to acquire data at 250Hz line frequency for example two channels (Topo -> and <-) at 200x200 points at little over 1 full frame per second. Not claiming the feedback to catchup on pixel level... but you can take a mix of const height/topo or any other data!
    -- note: WARNING -- still experimental code, little tested, test before using.... read more
Posted by Percy Zahl 2013-04-08

SPM Workshop Lednice, latest updates

It's a while since the last update.

Gxsm project presentation at SPM Workshop Lednice 2013, meeting with Gwyddion developers. Great workshop!

A couple new features, fixes and more.

-tracking data visualisation plugin
-updates and additional control to the PL VP mode for more detailed control.
-for safety: mover dialog is set to insensitive while scanning now.
-new feature "BlueLine". If you know what I mean with "RedLine" (current scan line profile of a channel) -- now you can add a "BlueLine" within the same profile view but taken from channel+1. Assuming normally here you use CH for some "->" and CH+1 for "<-" data, but limited to this. And, yes -- both Red... and Blue... can include a number of "history" or previous scan lines, just as much as you configure different colors for Red/Blue Line in preferences.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2013-03-31

Gxsm developer at AVS, Tampa, FL

Gxsm developer at AVS, Tampa, FL.

If any Q's or need for discussions, get in touch with me at the AVS!
Just send me a message.


Posted by Percy Zahl 2012-10-29

Bug fix: MK2 Counter

please update the DSP code (Mk2) if you need the counter, some previous code changes left it non functional due to a missed assembly code adjustment. Sorry, fixed now.

Posted by Percy Zahl 2012-10-10

Project/Admin received GEORGE T. HANYO AWARD

Dr. Percy Zahl, Brookhaven National Lab., “for outstanding leadership in the development of state-of-the-art, open-source software package and associated hardware for data acquisition and analysis in scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy.” The award was established in 1996 by the Kurt J. Lesker Company in the memory of George T. Hanyo, a highly skilled, long-time employee of the company.... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2012-06-30

Major updates -- PAC/PLL, life recording...

The MK3-Pro PAC/PLL implementation is ready for testing! Need some one with hands on a real working tuning fork based system willing to learn how to use and test it...
The new implemented "scope" feature allows life signal watching/recording via new tool "PACscope" (provided via SRanger CVS) + tune and PAC (ampl/phase) step response measurements.

This neat feature allow not only to monitor PAC/PLL signals but also any other "signal" at full rate in two channels. Now also backported and available on MK2!... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2012-05-04

GXSM 1.30.0 "Meetinghouse Warrior"

Latest code ramblings, Version:

GXSM 1.30.0 "Meetinghouse Warrior"

This is all related to the new MK3-Pro support with added PAC/PLL GUI and controls + direct PLL data interconnections with Gxsm2:

Get excited!
The first version of the Gxsm with embedded PAC/PLL control and hookup into the feedback mixer is going life.

A few screenshots are attached and I highlighted major new settings... also new a life watch for actual/peak DSP load in PanView:... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2012-04-19

Gxsm2 &quot;Arosa Express&quot; is out

A few updates on the latest CVS release of Gxsm2 "Arosa Express" V.1.27.3:

  • new parameter to control (false) early Auto Approach terminations via setting a max allowed settling time, so occasional "glitches" causing a positive FB-delta are not any more termination the approach early. See Configuration tab of the Mover Control dialog.

  • now also hooked to PyRemote are all VP-*-Execute buttons allowing you to fully and freely program via python any complex VP-probing/spectroscopy! Hooked via the action method, action id is shown as tooltip while hovering over the Execute Button you need to automatize. (Enable Gxsm->Help->Enable Remote Tips)... read more

Posted by Percy Zahl 2012-03-01

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