more python in Gxsm?

  • Juan de la Figuera

    Hi to all,

    After quite some work on LEEM, I have some time to use my STM. I will try to update the old RHK plugin (no promises) but I am more interested in using the SRanger-based electronics (I got a new HV unit with several gains, which I can switch externally with TTL controls or internally with a knob). Meanwhile I have updated my Gxsm version, and to my surprise there is some support for LEEM sequence of images! (well, I am not the only one doing LEEM here :-))

    I have been writing python+(pygtk/glade) programs for LEEM analysis (sometimes for 20k images), and I really love it (I won't touch Perl again for anything longer that a one-liner). Which brings me to a couple questions... How hard would it be to:

    • Write code so we can have python (math, scan, maybe even hardware) plugins registered, and integrated automatically into Gxsm? I am not really a C++ programmer, and until I got to python I avoided oo programs (Gxsm excepted). I have been looking into pyremote. And I think is it a neat option and it shows how useful it is to embedd python in Gxsm. Using python as another option for plugins would be great for users, specially for simple tasks. Can one even call python+pygtk programs from within a GTK application (ok, I tried with pyremote but it didn't like the import gtk). Maybe even having a Gxsm version based on a PyGtk python application with a C backend? (it would be very fast to customize the interface!).

    • Make full control of Gxsm possible from an external python program? (the kind of control I have in mind is to be able to tell python to show an -numpy/numarray/numeric- array as a image in an external Gxsm program, and to read a box marked in Gxsm back into the pyhton module, I am using ds9 with the XPA protocol right now for this task). I know this is not really a python problem, but an interprocess communication issue. From what I understood the old fifo remote was not designed for this kind of remote control. Maybe adding XPA support to Gxsm?

    Best regards,

    • Percy Zahl

      Percy Zahl - 2008-02-28

      Just curious, do you have the original Elmitec LEEM and Camera (UVIEW)? As you may have seen I can read in also all the extra LEEM parameters and blend them OSD like in, play movies, etc etc... align images... you may want to do all you math directly with a dedicated gxsm plugin and make full use of the 4D data handling, what is blazing fast compared to any script solution. Also know that I can on-the-fly extract profiles and maps in almost any dimension including averaging etc etc...?

      I intend to give a full GXSM SPM control + analysis features update on the upcoming ICN+T/Keystone. Also I do have two paper about it in progress....


    • Stefan Schroeder

      >- Write code so we can have python (math, scan, maybe even hardware)
      > plugins registered, and integrated automatically into Gxsm?

      I've been thinking about this one, too.
      The point here is, that some really intrusive changes have to be
      made to Gxsm-core to allow this. I feared to break to many
      little carefully arranged design decisions, so that I would end
      up having to mauch cruft in the code. I believe that it would be
      best to spare this one for Gxsm3 and to design tht one with multi-
      bindings support from the start.

      But yes, it is possible from my pov.

      Same goes for the second one.

      PS. What is XPA?

    • Stefan Schroeder

      I had a look at

      The last release was 2005. Is this project still active?


    • Juan de la Figuera


      Stefan, you are right. XPA seems pretty dead. So in the same line, what about using D-BUS for interprocess communication? Has nice python, C, ... bindings. And seems to be the current standard for the Linux desktop (and not only Linux, BTW).



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