Obsolete 'gv'?

  • Stefan Schroeder

    I think that using 'gv' as the default postscript viewer
    is obsolete and not very portable.
    Is anybody aware of a method to discover the name of the
    postscript viewer that is available on the system?

    Anyway, since gxsm is Gnome centric, I consider changing
    'gv' to 'evince'.

  • Thorsten Wagner

    Thorsten Wagner - 2014-03-03

    Hi Stefan.

    Where is gv used within GXSM? I use within all the desktop-files in the deb-package evince as PDF viewer. There is even an "official" dependency in the deb-file.

    I am not sure if pdfview is just linked to the Acrobat Reader or a general link to the standard PDF Viewer on the system. (Right now working on win and not able to test) Something in the gconf?

    How many alternatives you have to view ghostscript? You may simply test it within the programm/script.

    Thorsten :-)

  • Stefan Schroeder

    gv is the default previewer when selecting File->Print.

    00202 previewcmd = xrm.GetStr ("PreviewCommand", "gv");
    in printer.C

    'evince' should be a safe bet nowadays, I guess.

  • Stefan Schroeder

    And 'lpr' surely is not available any more ...

    I wonder if this printing plugin should be removed or rewritten.

  • Percy Zahl

    Percy Zahl - 2014-06-02

    Well, gv is still available if you install it!

    But I agree, rarely used. Also almost never use any direct printing out of Gxsm nor see a need. But a export with scale bar or ticks may still be nice to have!

    And yes, would need a good overhaul.


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