Percy Zahl - 2006-05-02

Due to many requests here is a generic GXSM with SRanger setup howto and quick start guide.

1) Only for the SRanger-STD, skip this step if you have the self powered -SP2 version:
Get and install the specialized firmware loader "fxload-sr-xxx" and the "getdevpath" script (see Signal Ranger Linux manual, 2.1.2 (page 10ff)).


You can manually run the "fxload-.." or just call the hotplug script as root to load the SR firmware, then, watch the SRanger LED, it should turn from red to orange.

Note: if you get some timeout warning/error, this is OK because at this time the SRanger USB-renummerates and is recognized as the SignalRanger at the USB bus.

2) Have the SRanger kernel module (2.4.x or 2.6.x version) compiled, installed (maybe manually) and make sure it is loaded into the kernel using "insmod usb-sranger" (for proper installed modules) or locally within the module source directory "insmod usb-sranger.o" (2.4.x) / "insmod usb-sranger.ko" (2.6.x) as root.
Make sure it is loaded using "lsmod" and check the output of "dmesg" or /var/log/messages for further informations.

3) For 2.4.x kernels without devfs you need to create the /dev/sranger device nodes using "mknod -m 666 /dev/sranger0 c 180 200" -- double check for the correct major number (180) in dmesg or /var/log/messages -- this may be different for your kernel version.

For 2..6.x kernels the device(s) are automatically created, however, check if /dev/sranger0 [1,2...] are existing, they should appear as soon as
a) SRanger is ready and plugged in, the firmware (fxload...) is loaded and the usb-sranger kernel module is loaded into the Linux kernel.
b) Check/fix permissions, by default the /dev/sranger has only root access, so do a chmod a+rw /dev/sranger0 as root -- this step actually needs to be repeated if the SRanger was unplugged, i.e. firmware reload.

4) Now load the DSP software -- you can and should do this as regular user, not root!:
go here: ~/SRanger/loadusb and run ./loadusb ../TiCC-project-files/FB_spmcontrol/Debug/FB_spmcontrol.out
The SR LED should turn green now.

You are now ready to play!

Summary -- assuming the sranger-usb.o or .ko kernel module loaded:

1st) sudo /etc/hotplug/usb/sranger -- LED turns from red to orange if OK (SRanger-STD only)
2nd) sudo chmod a+rw /dev/sranger0
3rd) launch the DSP code and see if the LED turns green:
==> run in ~/SRanger/loadusb$ ./loadusb ../TiCC-project-files/FB_spmcontrol/Debug/FB_spmcontrol.out
4th) check if all is sane, Offsets, AIC readings, etc.:
==> run in ~/SRanger/TiCC-project-files/FB_spmcontrol$ ./
5th) run gxsm2 and enjoy (make sure the proper hardware and device is selected in preferences)

For further details please refer to the SRanger/Linux project manual and GXSM manual and original SRanger documentations.